General Magnaplate's new MAGnanoSHIELD® coating technology provides antimicrobial protection for metal parts while delivering a low coefficient of friction, water-resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, and release properties. The coating technology protects against the risk for contamination to equipment during the manufacturing process that can lead to food borne diseases.

Offering a bacterial reduction of greater than 99.9999 percent*, MAGnanoSHIELD can augment many of General Magnaplate's industry-tested, FDA-compliant protective coatings. The combination of MAGnanoSHIELD with these coatings (including Nedox® and Tufram®) offers tremendous functionality to design engineers, while improving corporate sanitation and health programs. Adding MAGnanoSHIELD does not change the visual appearance of the coating.

Applications for the new coatings technology include food processing and packaging equipment, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, medical devices and cookware manufacturing.

Depending on the requirement of the application, the coating prolongs part life by protecting it against wear and abrasion. Additionally, the low coefficient of friction also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need forcaustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. Corrosion resistance will protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

*validated by independent test laboratories in both US and Japan -- test data available directly from General Magnaplate.