General Magnaplate has announced the launch of Magnamax-HT™, a new solid lubricant coating that offers low friction properties to metal parts for lubricity and release at temperatures up to 550°C.

Magnamax-HT can be added to many of General Magnaplate’s existing, industry-tested coatings (including Nedox® and Plasmadize®) to enable them to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 850°C* (or 1400°C in vacuum and 1800°C in inert gas) where conventional dry-film lubricants/polymers fail to perform.

Magnamax-HT delivers friction properties as low as 0.168 (static) and 0.179 (dynamic) at room temperature and as low as 0.266 at 800°C. Suited to tribological applications, the new coating technology meets the demand for greater release properties and lubricity with higher temperature stability. As well as offering thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, the coating also resists oxidization

Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, comments, “We are proud that this highly innovative coatings technology is environmentally friendly and non-toxic too because it does not contain any fluorocarbons or graphite. Environmentally-conscious manufacturers will also be pleased to know that when added to Magnaplate’s existing coatings, Magnamax-HT can also lower friction by 50 per cent or more, which directly reduces energy consumption.”

*Independent test data available directly from General Magnaplate