General Magnaplate’s new 10K series of high-performance coatings has been developed to deliver outstanding release properties to ferrous and non-ferrous parts exposed to continuous temperatures of up to 900°F, or intermittent temperatures of 1000°F.

Ideal for use in food processing and packaging applications, which often require the use of high-temperature baking ovens, the FDA-compliant series of water-based coatings provides parts with a low coefficient of friction, low surface energy and high water repellency. The 10K series coatings also protect the substrate from oxidation at high temperatures.

In addition to providing the release properties required for these types of applications, the low coefficient of friction delivered by the 10K series also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need for caustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. The coatings deliver abrasion resistance, for longer part lifetime, and corrosion resistance to protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

According to Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, until now coatings have typically struggled to perform under these types of elevated temperatures, including fluoropolymer coatings. “The extremely high temperature tolerance of the 10K series of coatings opens new possibilities for the food processing and packaging industries, where coatings have failed to beat the heat. For example, packaging throughput can be increased by using higher temperatures to increase the speed of sealing operations.”

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