Continuing its strategy to offer customers a global coatings partner that can service facilities worldwide, General Magnaplate has announced its first Spanish licensee. Based in Barcelona, Tecnocrom Industrial has been a leading coatings provider in Spain and Portugal for 55 years and has earned a reputation as being extremely customer-focused.

This newly formed relationship with General Magnplate means that NEDOX® coatings will now be available in both Spain and Portugal. Tecnocrom Industrial serves many markets including packaging, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, automotive, military & aerospace, food processing, hydraulics, printing, paper and sealing.


“We are delighted that Tecnocrom Industrial has joined the Magnaplate Worldwide team,” reported Nemanja Marinkovic, International Licensee Liaison, Magnaplate Worldwide. “General Magnaplate and Tecnocrom Industrial share a common philosophy of solving our customers’ problems and putting their applications needs first. Also, we both have been working in the coatings industry for over fifty years so there is a tremendous amount of application data that we can share to improve the services we both offer.”

Jordi Giró, Export Manager at Tecnocrom Industrial, commented, “In our constant search for alternatives, more efficient and environmentally friendly coating solutions, we believe that the agreement with General Magnaplate will allow us to implement this new technology in our plating lines and successfully introduce it in the market with the help of our loyal customers.”


The Nedox Advantage

NEDOX enhances the performance of common metal alloys. By offering superior protection against wear, friction and corrosion, NEDOX can help less durable metals achieve the longevity and performance of chrome and stainless steel.

NEDOX exceeds the physical properties of common industry coatings such as nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, sulfamate nickel, co-dep electroless nickel and polymer impregnated electroless nickel.

It is well-known for its ability to eliminate stick-slip and galling in a wide variety of applications. It also performs well in chemically corrosive environments—including wash-down and uranium-enrichment applications with UF6 exposure. NEDOX is also highly resistant to salt spray.


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