Building on the momentum of our recently expanded office and production space, we recently added a new robot to our PLASMADIZE® and thermal spray processes at our Texas facility. The new robot, an ABB IRB 6700, replaces an older model that had served us well for many years.

“Upgrading our robot ensures our ability to provide our customers with consistent, reproducible coating finishes every time,” says Vice President/General Manager John Larsen. “This new model also gives us more programmable options in less time, which means faster deliveries for our customers.”

In addition to applying PLASMADIZE® and other thermal sprays with greater precision and speed, the robot will play a key role in our patented CMPT® process—our breakthrough tool-making method that enables fabricators to reduce time and save costs on parts constructed from composite materials. A robotically applied, all-metal weaving process, CMPT® provides the accuracy, precision and surface quality of machined composite lay-up molds. It eliminates the time consumption and waste of making heavy, metal machined molds—making it a very green process as well.

“The new robot will bring many benefits to the CMPT process,” says Ed Aversenti, President and COO. “For example, it will allow us to achieve much more precise dimensions on metal tooling.”

Along with our eight other CMPT® patented processes, a new patent is pending for a support composite with a proprietary high-temperature urethane-type casting material. Because it is a room-cured material, this casting can be made into any dimension and will be used in place of metal support mechanisms previously deemed too expensive. The first-article casting is currently at our Texas plant and is under evaluation.

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