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Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary With a New Website

Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary With a New Website

New Website and Name Mark 70 Years of Quality, Innovation and Solving Problems

This year marks our 70th anniversary of transforming metal parts and improving their performance and lifetimes against challenging conditions. What began in a small garage in New Jersey is now a global leader in the science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates.

While our beginnings were humble, our aspirations were not. Shortly after our founding, scientists looking to improve the performance of metals in outer space sought out our proprietary synergistic coatings because they were more functional and longer lasting than conventional coatings. That’s why our Canadize® coating was on the moon in the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Since then, our engineered surface treatments have been an integral part of the aerospace industry, helping protect components against the most severe conditions.

The same quality and innovation that the space industry has relied on has also made us a trusted name in surface protection across a wide range of challenging industries and applications, protecting ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces against friction, wear, corrosion, chemicals, extreme temperatures and other threats. And as we have evolved with new and innovative coatings, so has our name and website. To coincide with our 70th anniversary, we are rolling out our new corporate name, Magnaplate, and we are launching our newly redesigned website at

Our new website features a clean, modern design and all the information you need to select an ideal surface treatment with confidence. Because we understand that each industry and application presents its own unique challenges and requirements, we designed our new website to make it easy to navigate to the most suitable coating for your application, whether via your desired surface treatment type, solutions to specific challenges or by selecting your target industry. In our new industry pages, you can select your specific technical requirements to help narrow down your choice of appropriate coatings.

Throughout the site, you’ll have opportunities to “Request a Quote” via a secure portal where you can send your application preferences and drawings directly to our team to promptly begin specifying a surface treatment. Or, you can browse our extensive collection of brochures, white papers, case studies, videos and blog posts for even more information. Taken together, the new is an invaluable source for information to solve problems and improve machine reliability using our engineered surface treatments.

Committed to the Highest Standards

As we build on the excitement of our 70th anniversary, our enhanced website and our new corporate name, be assured that some things will always remain the same: our ability to create the highest quality surface treatments and our commitment to customer satisfaction. To that end, we continually hold ourselves to the highest standards by investing in our people, processes and facilities as part of our culture of continuous improvement. Just as we were up to the challenge of protecting components on man’s first moon landing, we stand ready to help you solve your surface protection challenges now and for the next 70 years.

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