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Magnaplate Increases Lifespan of Food Processing Equipment and Alleviates Production Downtime

General Magnaplate has developed a range of metal coatings designed to increase the performance and lifespan of food processing equipment by adding hardness to the parts to protect them against wear, abrasion, corrosion, friction and galling.  

Magnaplate's TUFRAM coating combines the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the properties of selected proprietary polymers, providing aluminum parts with new levels of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, and permanent lubricity.   The hardness of the coatings ensures minimal production downtime for food processing equipment, while the lubricity makes equipment easier to clean and assures efficient mold release in appropriate food applications.

Another one of Magnaplate's coatings range, NEDOX, increases the performance of all types of metals, including aluminum.  NEDOX, a multi-step proprietary process, permanently combines the advantages of hard coat plating with the controlled infusion of low-friction polymers and dry lubricants.  Food processing engineers can boost performance while reducing cost by substituting NEDOX-coated low cost ferrous and non-ferrous alloys for more expensive metals.

General Magnaplate's coatings meet USDA and FDA codes.

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