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Magnaplate Introduces New Basic Coatings Line

We are pleased to announce a new range of ‘Basic’ products that offer differing characteristics and deliver great value for applications that have less demanding requirements. They may be a little more cost-effective but our new Basic products are applied with the same quality and professionalism that you have become used to from General Magnaplate.

Wear Resistance on Aluminum Surfaces
Part of our Tufram® family of coatings, Tufram Basic hard anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a protective oxide layer on aluminum parts, improving corrosion resistance and imparting other desirable surface properties such as lubricity. Since the entire process takes place in a cool electrolyte bath, Tufram Basic protects aluminum parts from any thermal distortion.

A wide range of wrought and cast aluminum alloys can be hard anodized. Process conditions as well as aluminum alloy determine the hard oxide layer’s thickness, surface characteristics and degree of substrate incorporation. Our tight process control is a crucial ingredient in a quality hard anodized coating.

Wear resistant coating offers corrosion protection on metals
Nedox® Basic electroless nickel is a high quality electroless nickel process worthy of the Magnaplate name, which delivers superior performance compared to other electroless nickel processes.

Our Nedox Basic coating offers many distinct advantages when plating irregularly-shaped objects, holes, recesses, internal surfaces, valves or threaded parts. This coating features uniform deposit thickness and ductility relative to pure metals, and its high surface hardness and reliable corrosion-resistance makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Thermal Spray for Wear Resistance
Our Plasmadize® Basic thermal spray is an engineered coating system for applications experiencing high wear and abrasion. In the Plasmadize Basic thermal spray process, a metal alloy, ceramic or cermet material is applied by thermal application, creating a 0.003- to 0.25-inch layer on the surface. The high quality and process standards employed through this process make Plasmadize Basic the only thermal spray worthy of the Magnaplate name.

Unlike chemically deposited coatings, Plasmadize Basic mechanically bonds to the substrate material without altering its surface properties. The coating also limits the heat encountered by the substrate material, further preserving its original properties.

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