General Magnaplate would like to remind its customers that its New Jersey facility has achieved Nadcap accreditation. General Magnaplate’s Texas facility is currently undergoing the Nadcap approval process.

Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries. Its mission is to provide international, unbiased, independent manufacturing process and product assessments and certification services for the purpose of adding value, reducing total cost, and facilitating relationships between subscribers and suppliers.

Fred Mueller, Corporate Quality and Safety Manager of General Magnaplate, reported, “We are proud of our Nadcap accreditation. General Magnaplate has always been a leader in the aerospace industry, partnering with many of the OEMs and suppliers responsible for the United States’ proud history of space exploration. Nadcap’s mission to add value, reduce total cost, and build stronger relationships between vendors and customers matches our own corporate philosophy here at Magnaplate.”


Ventura, CA – April 15, 2016 – General Magnaplate Corp has announced this week that it will be closing its Ventura, CA, facility and will serve West Coast customers directly from its Arlington, TX and Linden, NJ operations. The engineering coatings company has reported two main reasons for the facility closure: difficult business conditions created by the State of California and the settlement of a potential lawsuit against subsidiary General Magnaplate California threatened by the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) of Santa Barbara, CA. The EDC claimed that General Magnaplate Corp. had violated the Clean Water Act, which the Company vigorously denies.

“After 36 successful years in Ventura we have made the extremely difficult decision to close our facility,” reports Candida Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate Corporation, a woman owned company. “This is a very sad day for our employees and for my family who have a long history of job creation in this area, but the simple fact is that the State of California does not provide a business friendly environment. Increases in Workers Compensation costs and government regulations, combined with predatory citizens groups and law firms that make their living entirely by preying on small businesses, have left us with no other choice but to shut down our California facility. This is in stark contrast to our New Jersey and Texas facilities which are flourishing in small business-friendly environments created by the respective local governments and environmental agencies.

Reacting to the allegations by the EDC that the company’s facility was discharging polluted storm water into the Santa Clara River, General Magnaplate’s President and COO, Edmund Aversenti, commented, ““General Magnaplate is not in violation of the Clean Water Act and ongoing investigations suggest that the alleged polluted storm water runoff from our facility actually came on to our property from neighboring properties exempt from CWA compliance. We have agreed to settle with the EDC for purely economic reasons. This is particularly upsetting given that we have a strong SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) in place at the California facility and have contracted consultants to insure that we are in compliance. General Magnaplate takes great pride in being environmentally responsible corporate citizens.”

Candida Aversenti added, “General Magnaplate’s coatings have an inherently positive effect on the environment, something that our founder, Dr. Covino, promoted many years before the current environmental trend.”

“He believed that the advancement of metal coatings would have a positive impact on the use of natural resources. Because our coatings improve the performance of metals, more abundant common metals can be used as substitutes, thereby preserving rare alloy ores. And by using coatings to preserve the life of metal parts, our customers are also able to reduce the amount of raw materials required for manufacturing and decrease the amount of scrap. Furthermore, reducing the need to make new parts also conserves energy used in manufacturing processes. There are many, many positive environmental effects to be had from the use of coatings for metal components.”

Anthony Strauss of the Strauss Law Group, which represented General Magnaplate in its case with the EDC, commented, “It is sad to see yet another employer leave the area. California is earning a reputation as a non-friendly business state and it’s the employees that are paying the ultimate price.”



About General Magnaplate

General Magnaplate California is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Magnaplate Corporation of New Jersey, a woman-owned small business. It has facilities in Texas and New Jersey and worldwide licensees. General Magnaplate applied "synergistic" coatings transform low-performance, plentiful and inexpensive metals into corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, super-hard, dry-lubricated products that last longer, are more cost-efficient, and perform faster, therefore conserving the earth’s valuable material resources. General Magnaplate is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, NADCAP accredited, and has been designated a "Star Site" by the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition, many of its coatings are both FDA and USDA compliant. Learn more about General Magnaplate at


About Strauss Law Group

Strauss Law Group, APC and Anthony Strauss are Ventura based attorneys representing small and medium sized business throughout California in business, employment and litigation matters. Mr. Strauss has been counsel for General Magnaplate for over twenty years. Go to for more information about the firm.

We are pleased to announce a new range of ‘Basic’ products that offer differing characteristics and deliver great value for applications that have less demanding requirements. They may be a little more cost-effective but our new Basic products are applied with the same quality and professionalism that you have become used to from General Magnaplate.

Wear Resistance on Aluminum Surfaces
Part of our Tufram® family of coatings, Tufram Basic hard anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a protective oxide layer on aluminum parts, improving corrosion resistance and imparting other desirable surface properties such as lubricity. Since the entire process takes place in a cool electrolyte bath, Tufram Basic protects aluminum parts from any thermal distortion.

A wide range of wrought and cast aluminum alloys can be hard anodized. Process conditions as well as aluminum alloy determine the hard oxide layer’s thickness, surface characteristics and degree of substrate incorporation. Our tight process control is a crucial ingredient in a quality hard anodized coating.

Wear resistant coating offers corrosion protection on metals
Nedox® Basic electroless nickel is a high quality electroless nickel process worthy of the Magnaplate name, which delivers superior performance compared to other electroless nickel processes.

Our Nedox Basic coating offers many distinct advantages when plating irregularly-shaped objects, holes, recesses, internal surfaces, valves or threaded parts. This coating features uniform deposit thickness and ductility relative to pure metals, and its high surface hardness and reliable corrosion-resistance makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Thermal Spray for Wear Resistance
Our Plasmadize® Basic thermal spray is an engineered coating system for applications experiencing high wear and abrasion. In the Plasmadize Basic thermal spray process, a metal alloy, ceramic or cermet material is applied by thermal application, creating a 0.003- to 0.25-inch layer on the surface. The high quality and process standards employed through this process make Plasmadize Basic the only thermal spray worthy of the Magnaplate name.

Unlike chemically deposited coatings, Plasmadize Basic mechanically bonds to the substrate material without altering its surface properties. The coating also limits the heat encountered by the substrate material, further preserving its original properties.

Continuing its strategy to offer customers a global coatings partner that can service facilities worldwide, General Magnaplate has announced its first Spanish licensee. Based in Barcelona, Tecnocrom Industrial has been a leading coatings provider in Spain and Portugal for 55 years and has earned a reputation as being extremely customer-focused.

This newly formed relationship with General Magnplate means that NEDOX® coatings will now be available in both Spain and Portugal. Tecnocrom Industrial serves many markets including packaging, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, automotive, military & aerospace, food processing, hydraulics, printing, paper and sealing.


“We are delighted that Tecnocrom Industrial has joined the Magnaplate Worldwide team,” reported Nemanja Marinkovic, International Licensee Liaison, Magnaplate Worldwide. “General Magnaplate and Tecnocrom Industrial share a common philosophy of solving our customers’ problems and putting their applications needs first. Also, we both have been working in the coatings industry for over fifty years so there is a tremendous amount of application data that we can share to improve the services we both offer.”

Jordi Giró, Export Manager at Tecnocrom Industrial, commented, “In our constant search for alternatives, more efficient and environmentally friendly coating solutions, we believe that the agreement with General Magnaplate will allow us to implement this new technology in our plating lines and successfully introduce it in the market with the help of our loyal customers.”


The Nedox Advantage

NEDOX enhances the performance of common metal alloys. By offering superior protection against wear, friction and corrosion, NEDOX can help less durable metals achieve the longevity and performance of chrome and stainless steel.

NEDOX exceeds the physical properties of common industry coatings such as nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, sulfamate nickel, co-dep electroless nickel and polymer impregnated electroless nickel.

It is well-known for its ability to eliminate stick-slip and galling in a wide variety of applications. It also performs well in chemically corrosive environments—including wash-down and uranium-enrichment applications with UF6 exposure. NEDOX is also highly resistant to salt spray.


To learn more about Tecnocrom Industrial visit:


General Magnaplate’s new 10K series of high-performance coatings has been developed to deliver outstanding release properties to ferrous and non-ferrous parts exposed to continuous temperatures of up to 900°F, or intermittent temperatures of 1000°F.

Ideal for use in food processing and packaging applications, which often require the use of high-temperature baking ovens, the FDA-compliant series of water-based coatings provides parts with a low coefficient of friction, low surface energy and high water repellency. The 10K series coatings also protect the substrate from oxidation at high temperatures.

In addition to providing the release properties required for these types of applications, the low coefficient of friction delivered by the 10K series also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need for caustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. The coatings deliver abrasion resistance, for longer part lifetime, and corrosion resistance to protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

According to Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, until now coatings have typically struggled to perform under these types of elevated temperatures, including fluoropolymer coatings. “The extremely high temperature tolerance of the 10K series of coatings opens new possibilities for the food processing and packaging industries, where coatings have failed to beat the heat. For example, packaging throughput can be increased by using higher temperatures to increase the speed of sealing operations.”

General Magnaplate has announced the launch of Magnamax-HT™, a new solid lubricant coating that offers low friction properties to metal parts for lubricity and release at temperatures up to 550°C.

Magnamax-HT can be added to many of General Magnaplate’s existing, industry-tested coatings (including Nedox® and Plasmadize®) to enable them to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 850°C* (or 1400°C in vacuum and 1800°C in inert gas) where conventional dry-film lubricants/polymers fail to perform.

Magnamax-HT delivers friction properties as low as 0.168 (static) and 0.179 (dynamic) at room temperature and as low as 0.266 at 800°C. Suited to tribological applications, the new coating technology meets the demand for greater release properties and lubricity with higher temperature stability. As well as offering thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, the coating also resists oxidization

Edmund Aversenti, COO/President of General Magnaplate, comments, “We are proud that this highly innovative coatings technology is environmentally friendly and non-toxic too because it does not contain any fluorocarbons or graphite. Environmentally-conscious manufacturers will also be pleased to know that when added to Magnaplate’s existing coatings, Magnamax-HT can also lower friction by 50 per cent or more, which directly reduces energy consumption.”

*Independent test data available directly from General Magnaplate

General Magnaplate's new MAGnanoSHIELD® coating technology provides antimicrobial protection for metal parts while delivering a low coefficient of friction, water-resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, and release properties. The coating technology protects against the risk for contamination to equipment during the manufacturing process that can lead to food borne diseases.

Offering a bacterial reduction of greater than 99.9999 percent*, MAGnanoSHIELD can augment many of General Magnaplate's industry-tested, FDA-compliant protective coatings. The combination of MAGnanoSHIELD with these coatings (including Nedox® and Tufram®) offers tremendous functionality to design engineers, while improving corporate sanitation and health programs. Adding MAGnanoSHIELD does not change the visual appearance of the coating.

Applications for the new coatings technology include food processing and packaging equipment, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, medical devices and cookware manufacturing.

Depending on the requirement of the application, the coating prolongs part life by protecting it against wear and abrasion. Additionally, the low coefficient of friction also ensures an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the need forcaustic and acidic chemical wash-down solutions. Corrosion resistance will protect against wash-down solutions, where required.

*validated by independent test laboratories in both US and Japan -- test data available directly from General Magnaplate.

General Magnaplate is proud to announce we have received the Citation of Merit Award given by the Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program. Information on this program can be found here:

For more photos from the Hudson/Union County awards dinner, please visit (fourth set of photos). Pictured here is Wayne R. Cromwell, Executive Vice President Operations of General Magnaplate, receiving our award.

Citation of Merit Award

General Magnaplate is proud to announce that our ISO 9001:2008 certification for all three North American facilities has been renewed.

Candida Aversenti, CEO, says “We are proud to have our ISO certification renewed. The principles of the ISO standard are the same as those here at General Magnaplate – a strong commitment of quality to our customers by every member of the company, together with a drive for continuous improvement. For over 60 years, General Magnaplate has been providing our customers with the utmost of quality and excellence. This certification reconfirms that commitment, and will help build stronger relationships with our customers.”

General Magnaplate Corporation has announced that AHC Benelux is now licensed to offer European customers its Lectrofluor® coating in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. In addition, AHC Benelux (which already offers Tufram®, Nedox®, HMF® and Hi-T-Lube®) has also been appointed General Magnaplate’s exclusive licensee for Germany.

The Lectrofluor series of high-technology, polymer-based, surface enhancement coatings provides superior resistance to metal parts and equipment subjected to corrosion, chemicals and abrasive wear (especially from slurries). Coatings in this series also exhibit excellent release characteristics and many of them meet FDA, USDA, CFIA and CFIA codes - making them ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical and external medical applications.

“We are excited to be able to offer the Lectrofluor coatings to our customer-base because FDA-approval is critical for those companies exporting parts to the US,” reported Thorsten Karla, Sales Manager for AHC. “Lectrofluor expands our offering because it’s a lower cost for option for customers who only require release properties, or have mixed-metal parts that require both wear protection and release properties.

?Edmund Aversenti, COO of General Magnaplate, added, “AHC has been a tremendous licensee for General Magnaplate in Europe, and we are excited to be building upon this relationship with the addition of Lectrofluor and their exclusive right to Germany. Like General Magnaplate, AHC places a strong emphasis on solving problems for its customers and offers a great deal of technical expertise.”

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