General Magnaplate Texas recently increased its NEDOX® capacity to better service our customers. We can process parts up to 20 feet in length, up to 3.5 tons and up to 25 inches in diameter in the longest tanks in the south and southwest USA. We can also provide our customers with electroless nickel plating utilizing these larger processing tanks. Parts such as a 6" diameter x 15’ long extruder shaft used to move PPE in the petrochemical industry, and a 15’ long rotor used down-hole for the oil and gas industry can now be coated at our Arlington, Texas facility. 

 If you need coefficient of friction values for your engineering calculations, General Magnaplate’s New Friction Calculator can help. Available for both iPhones and Android devices, the new app provides static and dynamic coefficients of friction (COF) for more than 200 pairings of commonly used materials and engineered coatings. Friction Calculator’s materials database is continually updated with new materials and coatings. 

Other features include a Surface Engineering Resources section offering information on understanding coefficient of friction, surface roughness, calculating corrosion rates, wear mechanisms and thread tolerances. In addition, the Friction Engineering Help area enables users to easily contact General Magnaplate’s technical service department to ask for help with your surface enhancement problems.

Search iTunes or Google Play to download the version for your device. A web version of the app for desktop use is available at: 

Last December, General Magnaplate’s employees collected much-needed items for our troops and sent them to the 576th Engineer Company at Shindand Airbase in Afghanistan. The Company was so grateful for the care package they received and for being remembered during the holidays that they sent us a certificate of appreciation, signed by their First Sergeant and Commanding Officer. General Magnaplate is proud to support our troops and has already decided to tie in our annual Earth Day celebration later this month with another care package for them in remembrance of Memorial Day. We are asking our employees to bring in supermarket plastic bags for recycling, and for each employee that contributes, we will set aside money to purchase items for our soldiers. Look for a future post for more details.  

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