Low COF coating corporate newsletter

Volume 14

  • Magnaplate Celebrates Accident Record
  • Rising Steel Prices And Alternatives
  • VP Retires And Is Replaced From Within
  • Update On Europe
  • Coatings Plays A Hand In Reaching For Mars

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Wear coating corporate newsletter

Volume 13

  • Celebrating 80 Years of Achivement!
  • New Canadize and HCR Literature Available
  • Candian ISO Starts
  • Magnaplate Plays A Role in MER Success
  • One of Our First Customers Speaks Up!

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Release coatings corporate newsletter

Volume 12

  • ISO 9001 Certification Announced
  • Magnaplate Founder Named International Scientist of the Year
  • New Feature—Ask Magnaplate Man
  • Expanded Customer Service and Support Team

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Wear coatings corporate newsletter

Volume 11

  • General Magnaplate Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  • Profile on General Magnaplate Canada
  • Trade Show Calendar and Information
  • Our Commitment to Quality and Our Customers
  • "Why Replace Equipment When You Can Repair With New Coatings?"

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Corrosion resistant coatings corporate newsletter

Volume 10

  • General Magnaplate Web Site Relaunch
  • Tough Coatings, Easy Payment
  • CD Based Guide to Friction Data
  • Technical Data
  • Taking the Outsourcing Route

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