Low COF coatings corporate newsletter

Volume 4

  • "Doc" Covino Honored by Guinness
  • New Plasmadize® TNS Prevents Adhesive Residue Buildup on Metal Parts
  • The Making of a World Leader
  • Magnaplate Attacking "Year 2000 Problem"

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Wear coatings corporate newsletter

Volume 3

  • Sales of Black & Decker's New Steam Irons Press On Thanks to Magnaglide®
  • Magnaplate Surface Enhancement Can Be as Simple as A-B-C-D-E
  • Magnaplate Coatings Replace "Green Teflon"

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Low friction coating corporate newsletter

Volume 2

  • Concurrent Engineering Strategies
  • Magnaplate Wisconsin Doubles Capacity, Enhances Nedox® and Plasmadize® Operations
  • What to Do When Adhesives Stick Too Much

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Release coating corporate newsletter

Volume 1

  • The Confection Connection
  • The Word is Synergistic
  • New Magnaplate Surface Enhancement Ideal for Molding Operations
  • How "Synergistic" Coatings Outperform Conventional Treatments
  • "Hero of Chemistry"—Dr. Charles P. Covino Honored by American Chemical Society
  • Magnaplate Inaugurates New OSHA Pilot Program

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