Consumer Goods

Robust coatings for everyday products

As consumer goods manufacturers drive to higher production speeds, friction and wear problems are picking up steam too. Magnaplate provides a wide variety of ultra-low friction coatings suitable for consumer goods manufacturing. These coatings also help reduce contamination, and many are USDA- and FDA-compliant.

Technical features

  • Chemical and wear resistance
  • High temperature
  • Tolerant of impact forces
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for low friction

Application examples

Lipstick Boats

Plastic lipstick holders in make-up manufacturing can get stuck in boats when assembling lipstick into holders. Tufram® can provide strong surface hardness and permanent lubricity to these boats and increase their lifespan.

Guide Rails

Guide rails in cash dispensers experience severe wear and need protection against damage for its parts. Applying Tufram can add lubricity and provide wear protection to the rails.

Heat Exchangers

Stainless steel heat exchanger coils in pools can fail when attacked by pool-cleaning chemicals. Lectrofluor, designed to provide resistance to corrosion and chemical resistance in hostile environments, can be applied to the coils to solve this issue.

Coin Minting Dies

Dies for minting can experience abrasive wear that slows release rates and hangups and machine jams can cause downtime and burring. Dies can be coated with Magnagold® to provide a permanently dry-lubricated and wear-resistant surface.

Paper Products Manufacturing

Glue sticking to applicators, guides, rails and plates and drying before it can be cleaned poses problems for paper manufacturers. Lectrofluor can provide the release properties needed to keep glues from adhering.

Glove Forms

An application of Nedox can double the service life of glove molds. Leather and cloth release faster, improving production speeds. An added benefit is the coated forms require minimal maintenance.

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