Food Processing

USDA and FDA-compliant coatings for production machines

Use our synergistic coatings to protect your food-processing equipment from wear and contamination. Many of our coatings meet strict USDA and FDA requirements for product-contact uses — including packaging, extrusion, forming, cutting, cooking, filling and sealing.

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Best Coatings

  • Magnaplate HMF®
  • Lectrofluor®

Technical features

  • USDA and FDA compliance
  • Non-stick properties for food processing
  • Wear and corrosion resistance
  • Dry-lubricity
  • Mold release
  • Non-porous, moisture-proof surfaces
  • Expedites cleaning and sanitation operations
Coatings for FDA and USDA compliance

Application examples

Dog Bone Molds

Abrasive dog bones are made in molds that typically have an abrasion-resistent coating that loses its effectiveness in as little as two weeks. Used in the same molds, Plasmadize greatly extends wear life. At the same time, it creates a non-porous, moisture-proof surface** that helps increase the speed of the molding cycle.

Dough Hopper and Knives

Sticky dough can cause a production headache by sticking to machinery such as rotary dies, hoppers and knives. Plasmadize provides dry lubricity to prevent substances from sticking to metal parts and helps machines meet USDA and FDA standards.**

Pneumatic Cylinders

Aluminum cylinders are sometimes pitted and corroded by caustic washdown solutions. Lectrofluor is a USDA- and FDA-compliant coating that stops the attack by acidic and alkaline products.

Extrusion Equipment

Enrobing equipment used to make chocolates has an extrusion unit that forms and sizes the candy. This unit is often coated with a less durable coating that peels easily. Plasmadize can be applied to the extrusion dies and fingers to provide better resistance to wear and corrosion.**

Guillotine Blades

Candy bars contain fillings such as caramel, which sticks to all types of manufacturing equipment. An FDA and USDA compliant Lectrofluor coating can provide the non-stick properties needed to keep production running smoothly.

Gummy Candy Manufacturing

Confectioners producing gummy candies often require a release coating to prevent the product from sticking to molds and to help keep the shapes of the gummies true to form. These coatings must be USDA and FDA compliant and able to release the gummy candy itself as well heated, sticky flavored syrups that are mixed into the candy. Tufram offers the release properties as well as the USDA and FDA compliance these manufacturers need.

**When used in conjunction with a polymer topcoat.

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