Non-Wovens, Converting

Coatings provide hardness, lubricity and abrasion resistance

High speed, high volume production accelerates wear of metal parts during converting operations and non-woven manufacturing.  Parts such as rolls, rollers and mandrels experience not only wear, but pitting from corrosive acids and alkalines, sticking and erosion.  Conventional coatings do not provide all the long-lasting benefits required for these challenging conditions.

Technical features

  • Dry lubricity
  • Wear and erosion resistance
  • Friction reduction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hardness
Coatings for erosion resistance

Application examples

Sanitary Pads

Manufacturers of sanitary pads often require a coating to aid release on equipment that molds and forms the absorbent products. During this high speed process, static and sticking can occur as the multiple layers of materials are formed and sealed. Magnaplate HMF provides the release and anti-static properties needed, as well as protection from the abrasive wear of the various raw materials during the manufacturing process.

Disposable Diapers

Plasmadize can be used to provide non-stick and anti-static properties for compression rolls used in disposable diaper manufacturing. Polyethylene is used as the outer covering of adult and infant diapers, keeping fluids inside. Production can come to a halt when the polyethylene sheets stick to compression rolls, which apply the film to the other materials, spoiling product and requiring downtime for cleaning.


Rising prices of plastics have resulted in thinner webs for packaging films. In converting operations, aluminum idler rolls are frequently used because of their low inertia. Aluminum has advantages, but can more easily be scratched, dented or nicked, leading to imperfections on packaging films. Tufram can be used to provide hardness, dry-lubricity and abrasion resistance, protecting the idler rolls from damage, and keeping production movingl

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