Printing and Labeling

Coatings that prevent build-up and sticking

Printing and labeling machines operate all day and night at rapid speeds to keep up with the industry's high demands. You run the risk of losing significant profit if production stops. Our coatings can extend wear life and provide maximum lubricity to prevent downtime and keep your machines running efficiently.

Technical features

  • Wear resistance
  • Tolerant of impact forces
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for release

Application examples

Gripper Bars

Printing industry machinery has a gripper bar that feeds paper and plastic materials into the press.  It can be coated with Plasmadize for abrasion resistance and extended wear life to sustain production.

Applicator Rolls

The production line of print labelers can come to a standstill when sticky adhesive residue must be removed from rollers. Magnaplate TNS™ can be applied to stop residue buildup and prevent pressure-sensitive tapes from adhering to rollers and other parts.

Nip Rollers

Rollers used for printing and labeling can be coated with Plasmadize to give a slick, non-stick surface for the glue side of the label. The rough surface provides increased friction to aid the drive roller.

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