Sanitation protection from small particles

MAGnanoSHIELD®, our new antimicrobial coating, can be incorporated with many of General Magnaplate's proven surface-enhancement coatings. The coating resists microbe growth, meets FDA requirements and provides protection against friction, wear, moisture and chemical exposures. Also offered are durability and substrate compatibility that earlier antimicrobial materials could not achieve.

Technical advantages

MAGnanoSHIELD improves sanitation and production efficiency. Properties include:

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Interference with DNA replication
  • Combines with bacteria proteins which interferes with cell functions
  • FDA compliance
  • Reduced chemical cleaning materials
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased production run times
  • Reduced water usage


MAGnanoSHIELD antimicrobial coating

Ideal applications

  • Antimicrobial protection (99.9999% reduction in bacteria and fungus)
  • Interferes with DNA replication
  • Damages the cell wall of microbes altering cell membrane permeability
  • Combines with bacteria proteins located in the cell wall and cytoplasm which interferes with the normal cell function
  • FDA compliant
  • Can reduce chemical cleaning materials
  • Can reduce maintenance man hours
  • Can increase production time
  • Can reduce water usage