Magnaplate HTR

Dramatically increases high temperature mold release

Magnaplate HTR® provides superior mold release under high load bearing pressures up to 100,000 psi. Magnaplate HTR's strong wear resistance makes it ideal for use in molding industry applications such as plastic where mold design or definition is subject to abrasive damage by the material being molded.

Due to its consistent, uniform level of thermal conductivity, Magnaplate HTR also solves release problems stemming from variations in mold surface temperatures. The use of Magnaplate HTR is recommended where sprays, release additives or other forms of dry lubricant coatings don't properly perform.

Magnaplate mold release

Technical advantages

In addition to its use as a release agent, Magnaplate HTR can be used for a wide range of high temperature equipment components including:

  • Seal dies at 800°F (427°C)
  • Roll dies at 650°F (343°C)
  • Chrome replacements at 800°F (427°C)
  • Spindle heads and slides at 600°F (316°C)
  • Blow molds at 550°F (288°C)

Enhancement for Tufram®, Nedox® or Plasmadize® coatings

  • For most base metals
  • COF as low as 0.13 dynamic and 0.14 static
  • Some types will survive 1000 hours salt spray per ASTM B-117
  • Operating range: 330°F (165°C) to 950°F (510°C).  Intermittent over 1100°F (593°C).  Vacuum to 2400°F (1316°C)
  • Surface buildup from 0.0002 to 0.002 inches
Type Wear Corrosion Lubricity Anti-Stick Temperature USDA and FDA
Ratings are meant for reference only. For specific application recommendations contact the General Magnaplate technical staff.

Ideal applications

  • Injection and blow molds
  • Gears and bearings
  • Seal bars and dies
  • Bag formers
  • Tablet punches

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