Precision liquid dispensing nozzles may seem straightforward, but they come with some hidden design challenges. Chief among these challenges is the ability to maintain high flow rates at low pressures. While it may not be visible to the untrained eye, small improvements to the geometry of the nozzle and its surface characteristics can have a big impact on flow rates.

Subrex, a leading supplier of these nozzles, has mastered the art of refining nozzle geometry to reduce flow restrictions. The company’s standard-gauge and micro-precision nozzles feature thin walls, smooth transitions and a precise exit aperture—all of which contribute to optimize flow.

And now, the company has taken its nozzle performance a step further by applying General Magnaplate’s engineered coatings to improve the lubricity, hardness, release and corrosion resistance of the nozzle surfaces. These coatings include Nedox SLK and NH1, as well as Nedox Basic electroless nickel.

Subrex Case Study

Check out our latest case study to find out how Subrex uses Magnaplate coatings to enhance its liquid dispensing components.

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