Antimicrobial materials based on metal complexes have become an effective weapon in the war against the deadly microbes that cause foodborne illnesses, hospital infections and contaminated drugs. Yet these materials have shown a limited ability to deliver microbe resistance as part of a comprehensive surface enhancement treatment–until now.

Our MAGnanoSHIELD® proprietary antimicrobial coating technology minimizes this limitation by offering microbe resistance in conjunction with other beneficial surface properties. This coating technology, which can be incorporated into many of our proven surface-enhancement coatings, allows you to specify a single coating that not only resists microbe growth, but also provides protection against friction, wear, moisture and more.

Other technical advantages include:

  • FDA compliance
  • Potentially fewer chemical cleaning materials
  • Antimicrobial protection that prevents 99.9999% of bacteria and fungus growth
  • Potentially reduced maintenance and water usage
  • Increased production run times

Nanotechnology fights germs. While most antimicrobial materials today are based on generic formulations of a metal complex, MAGnanoSHIELD employs a proprietary metallic antimicrobial agent. Incorporated as a nanoscale dispersion within a polymer base, MAGnanoSHIELD inhibits the growth of microbes by interfering with DNA replication, damaging cell walls, altering cell membrane permeability or combining with bacterial proteins in ways that disrupt normal cell functions. These biological disruption mechanisms are well known and not unique to MAGnanoSHIELD’s active ingredient.

What does make our new antimicrobial technology unique is that it can be implemented as part of a more broadly useful coating. For example, MAGnanoSHIELD has been successfully combined with our Nedox® coating for use on any non-ferrous and ferrous alloys. It has also been combined with our Tufram® coating for use on aluminum. It is also compatible with our other coating technologies. This ability to combine MAGnanoSHIELD with other coating technologies adds microbe resistance to the long list of surface-enhancing properties we offer.

Applications. MAGnanoSHIELD has successfully been incorporated into coatings that offer low coefficient of friction, hydrophobicity and wear and abrasion resistance. Since it works as an integral part of a broader surface-enhancement coating, MAGnanoSHIELD opens up new application possibilities wherever microorganisms are just part of the problem. These applications are prominent in the following industries:

Medical. The benefits of imparting antimicrobial properties to medical devices, healthcare equipment and imaging machines are obvious. What’s less obvious is that many of these medical applications can additionally benefit from treatments that make them hydrophobic, and thus easier to clean.

Pharmaceutical. Microbe resistance and cleanliness are of paramount importance wherever pharmaceuticals are involved. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging machines, which have their share of rotating and sliding components, can also benefit from the increased wear resistance and low friction provided by surface-enhancement coatings.

Food and beverage. MAGnanoSHIELD offers many opportunities to increase food safety while improving the surface characteristics of harvesting, handling, processing and packaging equipment. Food preparation surfaces, including cookware, are another good fit for MAGnanoSHIELD.

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