Specialized coatings play a crucial role in protecting machine components and increasing uptime across a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from packaging and food processing to aerospace and rubber molding. If your application needs a coating for high temperatures up to 1000°F, consider our Magnaplate 10K™ series.

Magnaplate 10K™ For High Temperatures. Before the introduction of Magnaplate 10K™, coatings from major suppliers provided mold release for temperatures up to 450°F. However, end users were constantly requesting release coatings for handling temperatures up to 1,000°F. In response, we developed three formulations of the 10K™ series:


  • 10K1: A solvent-based formula that withstands temperatures to 1,000°F
  • 10K2: A water-based formula that withstands temperatures to 1,000°F
  • 10K3: A solvent-based formula that withstands temperatures to 850°F

These coatings also have a low coefficient of friction (COF), retain their properties at high temperatures and provide easy mold and die release at high temperatures. Other technical features include:

  • Low surface energy
  • High water repellency
  • Anti-stick, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • No fluoropolymers or PFOAs
  • No degrading at high temperatures
  • FDA-compliant to Title 21 CFR175.300
  • Corrosion protection

Applications. The 10K™ family can be used along with many of our coating families like Nedox®, Tufram® and Plasmadize®. Typical applications for 10K™ coatings are found across a variety of industries that require a quick-release coating or corrosion protection and chemical resistance, Including packaging, food processing, aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, plastics and rubber molding.

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