Thanks to engineered coatings, lightweight aluminum alloys can withstand corrosion, wear and thermal extremes—making them a compelling alternative to heavier metals in aerospace applications. A20X™ aluminium castings, in particular, are currently opening up new opportunities for flight-critical components. For one, they reduce machine complexity, machining and assembly. Converting parts to A20X™ castings also reduces weight and costs.

With the help of AptiMag-X™, our new engineered coating for A20X™ aluminum, aerospace components can better hold up to the often-harsh demands of their operating environment. Let’s take a closer look at this new surface enhancement process:

The World’s Strongest Aluminum Casting Alloy

Thanks to its aluminum copper base and the addition of intermetallic titanium diboride, A20X™ features an ultra-fine microstructure and unique solidification mechanism. As a result, it boasts exceptional strength, fatigue and thermal properties—making A20X™ castings a viable solution for structural parts and engine components in high-strength, high-temperature environments.

In fact, with strength properties comparable to 7000 series wrought material, A20X™ is currently the strongest cast aluminium alloy on the market.

AptiMag-X™ Further Improves A20X™ Properties

General Magnaplate recently signed an exclusive license agreement, making us the exclusive supplier of AptiMag-X™. This new surface enhancement coating will further enhance A20X™ parts by improving their wear resistance, hardening and finish.

As part of this agreement, all licensed A20X™ foundries, additive manufacturing companies and aerospace customers can have their parts treated with AptiMag-X™ at our New Jersey and Texas plants.

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