Engineered Coatings

Canadize reduces surface friction.
Dynaloy offers ultra-thin wear protection.
Goldenedge keeps blades sharp.
Hi-T-Lube breaks COF records.
Lectrofluor prevents corrosion.
Magnadize protects magnesium parts.
Magnagold combats abrasion.
Magnamax-HT lubricates permanently.
MAGnanoSHIELD kills harmful microbes.
Magnaplate 10K withstands high temperatures.
Magnaplate BTC replaces hard chrome.
Magnaplate HCR resists moisture.
Magnaplate HMF eliminates static build-up.
Magnaplate HTR improves mold release.
Magnaplate TNS and TNSF release adhesives.
Nedox Basic electroless nickel.
Nedox fights wear and corrosion.
Nedox PF outperforms nickel alloys.
Plasmadize Basic thermal spray.
Plasmadize outperforms thermal spray.
Tufram Basic hard anodizing.
Tufram improves hardness.
Tufram Omega controls resistivity.

Featured Applications


Our surface-enhancement coatings impart corrosion protection, chemical resistance, super-hardness and dry lubrication to a variety of industrial machines and components.

Food Processing

From extruders to dies to knives, our USDA- and FDA-compliant engineered coatings can eliminate food adhesion, wear and lubricants, which helps keep your food processing equipment running clean.


By protecting moving machine components from wear and providing release properties where needed, engineered coatings can drastically reduce packaging machine downtime and increase yields.

Oil and Gas

Our engineered coatings have proven themselves in the most demanding downhole applications, protecting oil and gas tooling from galling, abrasion, impact and corrosion.

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New Friction Calculator App

If you need coefficient of friction values for your engineering calculations, General Magnaplate's new Friction Calculator App can help. The new App provides static and dynamic coefficients of friction (COF) for more than 200 pairings of commonly used materials and engineered coatings.

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Engineered Coatings Minimize Downtime, Improve Sanitation in Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Engineered Coatings
Processing and packaging applications in the food and drug industries have many criteria in common, because both industries must meet stringent standards developed to guarantee the utmost safety of products intended for human consumption. Production methods must also be as efficient and cost- effective as possible, maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime.
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Engineered Coatings News

NEDOX® Solves Wear Problem for Oil and Gas Company

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Magnaplate News

Problem: A manufacturer of mud pumps used in oil and gas exploration was experiencing wear issues on the steel internal cavities of their centrifugal mud pumps. They required a coating to protect against this wear, as they had to refurbish or replace the pumps after a short time in service.  Read more.