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General Magnaplate Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Saunders Russo has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer. Russo has been responsible for consolidating Magnaplate's operations through the merging of the Linden, New Jersey and the Arlington, Texas facilities and will continue to oversee ongoing business operations.

ISO 9001

General Magnaplate Achieves AS9100:D Certification

General Magnaplate's Arlington, Texas facility has achieved AS9100:D certification.


General Magnaplate Completes Plant Consolidation

All operations will now take place at the recently upgraded plant in Arlington, Texas.


ISO 9001

General Magnaplate receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).

Tufram®, Magnaplate HCR® now available in Spain and Portugal through Tecnocrom Industrial S.A.


Magnaplate celebrates 65 years

NADCAP reaccredits General Magnaplate New Jersey

Magnaplate TNSF™ successfully coated on plastics


Nedox® and Magnaplate HMF® now available in Spain and Portugal, new licensee Tecnocrom Industrial S.A.

NADCAP reaccredits General Magnaplate New Jersey


Tufram® Basic, Nedox® Basic, Plasmadize® Basic and Nedox PF-F™ introduced

Loss of Sylvia Covino


Magnaplate TNSF™ invented

Magnaplate TNSF invented

  • General Magnaplate develops the Friction Calculator web app, www.frictioncalculator.com, which provides static and dynamic coefficients of friction (COF) for more than 200 pairings of commonly used materials and engineered coatings.
  • New Tufram® Licensee in South Korea, YKMC Inc
  • Magnaplate BTC™ invented
  • Our long history of involvement in the space program continues with Mars Curiosity Rover mission
  • Creation of Magnaplate Worldwide™

Magnaplate Celebrates its 60th Anniversary


SpaceX and NASA

Magnaplate plays a mission-critical role coating parts for SpaceX’s Dragon capsule and NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover.


A Banner Year for Magnaplate

  • The Company launches the 10K™ series of coatings .
  • Indian licensee appointed: Electrochem.
  • Canadian licensees appointed: Aluminum Surface Technology and Precision Surface Technology.


NADCAP Accredited

Australian licensee appointed: SEC Plating


ISO 9001: 2008

Magnaplate upgrades its quality status.


A Great Loss – Doc Covino

Dr. Charles P. Covino, Magnaplate’s founder and a coatings industry innovator, sadly passes away at age 82.


Candida Aversenti named CEO and Board Chair. Edmund Aversenti named President and COO.


Mars Rover Lands

Magnaplate's coatings play a critical role in the Mars Rover’s descent rate limiter.


Magnaplate is awarded ISO 9000.


  • CMPT wins New Jersey Research & Design Council Patent of Year Award.
  • Nussbaum Bodycote.
  • Hank Levin retires from Board Of Directors after 40 years of service.
  • General Magnaplate Corp. voted into NJ’s Inventor’s Hall of Fame.
  • Doc Covino retires as CEO; Candida Aversenti appointed CEO.

Magnaplate CMPT® Process Invented

CMPT is a breakthrough development by General Magnaplate in layup molding technology to save time and money for fabricators of parts constructed of composite materials.


Magnaplate HTR® Invented

Magnaplate HTR increases the release efficiency of molds and dies made of steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other metals exposed to high temperatures.


Magnaplate.com Goes Live

General Magnaplate grasps the cyber age firmly and offers customers a wealth of information about its coatings, and their applications, on www.magnaplate.com.


Goldenedge® Invented

Goldenedge is an ultra-hard, micro-thin coating for use on the cutting edges of blades, knives, slicers and other sharp-edged devices.


Hi-T-Lube® Makes Guinness Book Of Records

Hi-T-Lube is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the solid with the lowest COF in the world.


Magnaplate TNS® Invented

Magnaplate TNS coatings solve the “sticky substance” problems encountered so often in all segments of the adhesive industry —adhesive formulating, label printing, tape manufacturing, and converting.


General Magnaplate receives the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Award for its contribution to the ‘space program’.


Doc inducted into New Jersey Inventors Congress and Hall of Fame.


Dynaloy® Invented

Dynaloy, a hard, super-thin selectively deposited chromium coating is invented.


Plasmadize® Invented

Plasmadize combines the advantages of thermal spraying with the controlled infusion of polymers, dry lubricants or other materials to provide an entirely new composite with improved properties.


Magnaplate HCR® Invented

  • HCR increases atmospheric corrosion protection 1995 beyond all known methods of aluminum treatment while also providing excellent wear resistance.
  • UK licensee appointed: Poeton Industries LTD.
  • Dutch licensee appointed: MIFA Surface Treatment.

Candida Aversenti becomes President.

Magnaplate SNS™ invented.


Edmund Aversenti joins General Magnaplate.


Magnaplate HMF® & Magnagold® Invented

Magnaplate HMF creates an extremely hard, mirror-smooth, highly reflective micro-finish on the surface of ferrous metal, copper or aluminum alloy components. Magnagold, is an enhanced PVD titanium nitride coating for high strength alloys.


Texas facility upgrades to current Arlington location.

Candida Covino joins company.


Space Shuttle Makes First Earth Orbit

As NASA entered more advanced phases of its space program, new problems kept cropping up, requiring technological improvements to provide extremely hard, dry-lubricated surfaces to hundreds of aluminum, titanium and steel parts, tools and pieces of equipment.


California facility opens.


Swedish licensee appointed: FFV a government owned facility (now Bodycote).


Lectrofluor® Invented

Lectrofluor provides superior corrosion, chemical resistance and mold release even in extremely hostile environments.


Magnadize® Invented

Increasing the surface hardness and lubricity of magnesium, Magnadize improves the metal’s resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and prevents abrasion and galling.


Moon Rock Displayed in Linden

As a mark of gratitude for his contribution to the space race, NASA presents ‘Doc’ with a piece of the “rock” which was displayed at Magnaplate’s Linden  facility.


First Texas facility opens.


Nedox® Invented

Significantly increasing metals’ corrosion resistance and wear life, Nedox permanently combines the advantages of plating with the controlled infusion of low-friction polymers and dry lubricants.


First Man Walks on the Moon

Thanks to General Magnaplate, not only was ‘man’ able to walk on the moon, he was able to drill into it too. Canadize treatment on both the inside and outside of the titanium core-sample drill tubes prevented galling and eliminated contamination of the moon rock samples.


Canadize® Invented

Canadize augments surface hardness and lubricity for titanium and titanium alloys.


Tufram, Inc. opens in Linden, NJ to produce cookware ranked No. 1 in the US two years in a row by Consumer Reports.


Japanese licensee appointed: ULVAC.


Tufram® Invented

Engineers worldwide recognize Tufram as the solution to a host of problems faced by aluminum components on all types of manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment.


Doc, and a hand- picked team comprising scientific specialists, evaluates all Quality Assurance for NASA and its prime contractors.


Doc Covino breaks ground by publishing his famous ‘QA Manual’ distributed by Industrial Press.


Hi-T-Lube® Invented

Hi-T-Lube is a dry-film lubricant that solves critical problems of wear, galling and fretting on steel, stainless steel and copper alloys at high and low temperature extremes, even under heavy loads.


Sylvia Covino (Doc’s wife) joins the family affair.

Acquires Eastern Testing Labs of Long Island, NY.


Magnaplate makes first Public Reg ‘A’ Offering.  Moves to larger Belleville, NJ plant.


Magnaplate moves to Bloomfield, NJ plant


Magnaplate Metal Finishers is established in Hoboken, NJ.