Low Friction Coatings

An Effective Friction Reduction Strategy Requires the Right Coating

It can be hard to find a coating that reduces friction, all while satisfying your application's unique requirements.

We’re your ideal partner for developing an effective friction reduction strategy that addresses all your concerns. Our deep understanding of metal surface properties lets us review your application data and recommend the best coating with a low coefficient of friction (COF).

Not only will your engineered coating prevent wear, abrasion and galling caused by friction, your parts will last longer and perform better. That means lower maintenance and repair costs — plus energy savings.

Take Control Over Friction

Ready to overcome your friction-related challenges? Our engineers are ready to help you select the right coating for your application.

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Ideal Surface Treatments

Nedox® PF-F

Nedox® PF-F

Friction-lowering nickel composite for high-temperature applications


  • Lower COF without polymers or dry lubricants
  • Temperatures up to 1,200°F
  • Good wear and abrasion properties
  • Non-outgassing


Exhibits superior properties compared to other common industry processes


  • Coating available for titanium substrates
  • Ultra-low COF
  • Prevents hydrogen embrittlement
  • Chemical and corrosion protection


Record-breaking solid film metal alloy lubricant for sliding wear and high surface loads


  • Abrasion, wear and galling protection
  • Record-low COF of any solid (0.03)
  • Adheres to base metals in demanding environments
  • Dry self-lubricating
  • Hydrocarbons and synthetic lubricant compatibility


Polymer-based coating for harsh environments


  • Dry lubricity for low COF
  • Permanent self-lubricating properties
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Mold release properties
  • USDA and FDA compliance


Aerospace and Defense

Our friction-fighting coatings are engineered to perform in some of the most challenging conditions. Nedox PF-F can withstand temperatures up to 1,200°F, Canadize protects and lowers the COF of titanium, Hi-T-Lube is a proven coating for NASA space vehicles and Lectrofluor prevents severe corrosion and chemical attacks.

Aerospace and Defense
Aerospace and Defense
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