Record-Breaking Coating for Sliding Wear

Capable of achieving a record-low 0.03 coefficient of friction (COF), Hi-T-Lube protects against abrasion, wear and galling under high surface loads, extreme pressures and temperatures. This surface treatment remains unchanged in high-vacuum applications and, unlike conventional lubricants, will not outgas or accumulate in unloaded areas. Hi-T-Lube’s low COF earned it recognition as the world’s “slipperiest” solid by "The Guinness Book of World Records."

Hi-T-Lube has a history of success in NASA space vehicles, as well as aerospace and aircraft parts. Today, engineers apply this surface treatment to a wide variety of manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment, such as ball joints, rollers and roller bearings, engines, furnaces, housings, impellers and pistons.

Hi-T-Lube Technical Advantages

Hi-T-Lube offers superior properties compared to other high-temperature dry lubricants:

  • Works at high pressures and temperature extremes
  • Withstands high compression loads
  • Coating thickness of ± 0.0003 at 0.001 inch
  • Prevents abrasive wear and galling
  • Operates in vacuums of 107 Torr
  • No outgassing
  • Withstands up to 200 hours salt spray at 0.001-inch thickness
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Learn More About Hi-T-Lube’s Extreme Capabilities

Whether you have an extreme-environment application or require superior sliding wear performance, our engineers are ready to help you engineer the right Hi-T-Lube composition for the job.

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