Aerospace environments involve some of the toughest conditions for equipment. Threats like friction, galling, corrosion and high temperatures can cause some of the industry’s most common metals and alloys to fail. And if a part fails, it can be impossible to access or too costly to repair or replace.

Engineered coatings address these challenges by creating dry, lubricated surfaces that protect critical components from wear and weather—maximizing their lifespan in demanding aerospace applications.

Common Threats to Aerospace Parts

Some of most common threats to aerospace equipment include the following.

Fretting, galling and friction. Fretting and galling occur when sliding metal surfaces such as aluminum and titanium alloys generate friction and stick together under heavy loads—like when a spacecraft leaves or re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. These conditions can cause wear, fatigue and seizing on critical components.

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In powder and bulk solids handling processes, many conditions can hinder equipment reliability and performance. Wherever friction or buildup can impact equipment reliability or lifetime, there’s a General Magnaplate engineered coating that can help ensure optimal material flow and machine performance.


Sticky glues and adhesives as well as wear and abrasion are particularly common threats to machine reliability, and they can halt production as workers clean and repair the damage. Over time, these interruptions can significantly impact the bottom line. That’s why a large food processor recently began working with us to help solve a nagging source of downtime and machine repair.

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When machine parts wear out, they can hurt the plant’s productivity and costs. While replacing these parts may be appropriate, MRO professionals should consider refurbishing them with the help of engineered surface enhancement coatings. Replacing or rebuilding parts can get expensive. Instead, refurbishment with the help of a suitable coating can reduce waste, downtime and its associated costs. In many cases, the coating can upgrade a machine’s performance and lifetime.

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In the powder bulk solids industry, precise metering and efficient material feeding are critical. However, several conditions can hinder machine performance and affect lifetime. In order to avoid unwanted downtime or premature replacement, protective coatings are a must. Powder and bulk solids handlers typically have three main concerns:

  • Wear and abrasion. Because hard materials are broken into smaller particulate materials, friction is a natural threat to the lifetime of a substrate. Wear is a common problem in feeder components used to transport dry materials.
  • Corrosion can result from various conditions. Despite being particulate in nature, the material may still contain moisture. Chlorides can react with a variety of metals. The equipment may operate in a humid environment. Add to that, cast materials may be porous.
  • Preventing sticking. Sticky materials may clump or bridge, hindering their flow through meters or congesting filters or screens.
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As oil and gas facilities move to more remote locations with extreme conditions, any equipment downtime due to parts failure can be costly. Valves must perform reliably despite exposure to corrosive chemicals, abrasive fracking fluids, sour gases in drilling, high pressures, liquids, variable pH levels and high temperatures. In addition, contact with other metal tools can cause galling which can result in premature wear, leaking and ultimately valve failure. Many types of coatings can offer basic protection. But when your valve has to withstand this type of punishment, you need the peace of mind that comes from engineered coatings.

General Magnaplate engineered coatings stand up to abrasion, galling and corrosion that threaten the performance of ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, safety valves, pressure valves and tools. Unlike other coating options, General Magnaplate coatings can be modified to meet an application’s specific functional criteria based on the intended environment. In fact, the coatings become an integral part of the substrate, so metal surfaces like aluminum become super hard. The result: long-lasting parts plus performance characteristics that can even surpass more expensive metals.  Many engineered coatings are suitable for use in low pH conditions in which corrosion is a concern as well as in high temperatures commonly found in the oil and gas industry.

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Throughout the food processing process, a variety of conditions can affect your equipment’s performance and reliability. Whether you need to prevent sticking, protect against corrosion or lower friction, there’s an FDA-compliant General Magnaplate engineered coating that can ensure problem-free performance for your food processing equipment.


Mining and mineral processing facilities present a host of threats that can affect valve reliability and uptime. Knife gate valves used in slurry transport, for example, must consistently perform despite heavy contact with abrasive, corrosive metal solids or acids that can erode the valve. Slurry materials and sludges can also stick to valve parts, impeding flow. If your valve fails or leaks, consequences can include replacement, downtime for repairs, environmental damage and safety risks to personnel.

Avoid Damaging Corrosion, Wear and Buildup

General Magnaplate coatings have proven successful protecting valves from the damaging effects of mining operations. Our coatings are specially engineered to provide wear, friction and corrosion resistance — three properties critical to the protection of mining valve blades, housings and other vital parts. Engineered coatings transform ordinary metal parts into corrosion-resistant, super-hard, dry-lubricated products that last longer, are more cost efficient and perform better.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. General Magnaplate was part of the Apollo program's success from the beginning, both on the ground innovating surface coatings for space exploration and, later, on the moon protecting the drill tubes that sampled the moon's soil and rocks. Since our founding in 1952, General Magnaplate has been creating synergistic coatings that withstand the extreme conditions that man and machine encounter in aerospace environments as evidenced by these space-exploration milestones:

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Fast-paced, high-volume production facilities cannot afford downtime caused by poorly performing packaging equipment. Several conditions can harm the surfaces of packaging machines and, in turn, affect performance including: friction and wear, build-up and release problems caused by sticky substances and sanitation issues. Achieving maximum uptime for your packaging operation comes down to selecting the best protection method for your equipment.

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