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Coin-Counting Machine Manufacturer Keeps the Cash Flowing With Nedox

A Nedox® surface treatment is able to provide extended wear protection for a manufacturer of coin-counting machines.

Prepare for PFAS Rules With Magnaplate's Surface Treatments

Magnaplate 10K coatings deliver the protective characteristics your parts need without PFAS chemicals.

How Magnaplate Surface Treatments Help Optimize Uptime for Valuable Semiconductor Equipment

Magnaplate surface treatments protect semiconductor equipment in vacuum environments against corrosion, friction, abrasion, contamination and sticking.

Engineered Coatings Have an Important Role in Fighting the Climate Crisis

Magnaplate innovation and engineered surface treatments can have a positive effect on environmental sustainability.

Nedox Delivers a Healthy Outcome for a Body Fluid Analyzer Manufacturer

When a manufacturer of body fluid diagnostic analyzers tested 15 coatings for protection against wear and chemicals, Nedox® was the top performer.

How Magnaplate HCR® Solves Mold Release Challenges for Thermoformed Pharmaceutical Blister Packages

Magnaplate HCR® is becoming the "go to" coating in the thermoforming of blisters from PVC/PVDC laminates in forming, filling and sealing machines.

Tufram Proves a Sound Investment for Seismic Streamer Manufacturing

A company that manufactures seismic streamers relies on Magnaplate’s Tufram surface treatment to prevent wear and stick-slip issues.

How Our Non-Stick Coatings Help Stationery Manufacturer Keep Binding Equipment Clean

Magnaplate’s Nedox and Lectrofluor non-stick surface treatments helped a stationery manufacturer slash cleaning downtime and keep production on schedule.

Video: Get To Know Magnaplate

Learn about our surface treatments, capabilities, credentials, global reach and the problems we solve and industries we serve.

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