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Plasmadize® Steps up to the Plate for Label Machine Manufacturer

Plasmadize® recently helped a labeling machine manufacturer reduce wear and friction on its peel-off plates while improving their lifetimes.

Prevent Sticky Materials From Damaging Injection Molds With Nedox®

Nedox® is an excellent choice for plastic injection molding applications thanks to its superior mold-release properties.

Tufram® Takes the Heat in Aluminum Heat-Sealing Equipment

Tufram® surface treatments help heat-sealing machines solve friction, wear and galling to deliver effective, air-tight seals and trouble-free performance.

When Protecting Magnesium Parts, Look Beyond Conventional Anodizing

Magnadize® protects magnesium from corrosion and can be formulated to protect against wear, outgassing and thermal extremes as well as to minimize friction.

Lectrofluor® Smooths the Flow of Dried Fruit To Keep Portions Consistent

Lectrofluor® ensured an anti-stick surface plus wear reduction for a solid filling machine used to package dried fruits.

Plasmadize® Keeps Metal Extrusion Parts in Good Shape

Mixer blades that extrude thick plastics are particularly susceptible to abrasive wear. Magnaplate's Plasmadize® helps protect these vital parts from wear.

Coin-Counting Machine Manufacturer Keeps the Cash Flowing With Nedox

A Nedox® surface treatment is able to provide extended wear protection for a manufacturer of coin-counting machines.

Prepare for PFAS Rules With Magnaplate's Surface Treatments

Magnaplate 10K coatings deliver the protective characteristics your parts need without PFAS chemicals.

How Magnaplate Surface Treatments Help Optimize Uptime for Valuable Semiconductor Equipment

Magnaplate surface treatments protect semiconductor equipment in vacuum environments against corrosion, friction, abrasion, contamination and sticking.

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