Magnaplate HCR®

Give Aluminum Parts a Higher Level of Hardness and Corrosion Resistance

Magnaplate HCR maximizes corrosion protection for aluminum and most aluminum alloys. This surface treatment combines the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the sealing action of metallics and proprietary polymers, giving aluminum surfaces previously unattainable levels of hardness, corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity.

Magnaplate HCR can surpass hard anodizing’s corrosion resistance performance while also exhibiting outstanding salt spray resistance. NASA tests of shuttle parts even show that parts coated to a thickness of 51 microns “should provide superior corrosion protection for a prolonged period of time.” And, Magnaplate HCR gives aluminum parts a harder-than-steel surface up to Rc 48.

Thanks to these proven characteristics, you can now choose aluminum over more expensive substrates like ferrous alloys. Magnaplate HCR is desirable for demanding applications like injection molding, aerospace, semiconductor, printing, pharmaceutical packaging, ordnance and medical.

Magnaplate HCR Technical Advantages

Magnaplate HCR, a patented process, offers superior properties compared to common industry processes.

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Gives aluminum parts a hard surface up to Rc 48
  • Permanent dry lubricity
  • Temperature range from -110° to as high as 600°F at intermittent operating conditions
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Eliminates micro cracks, galling, seizing and high friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • FDA- and USDA-compliant versions available
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Magnaplate HCR® Family Coatings

Magnaplate HCR

Maximizes the corrosion resistance and hardness of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Magnaplate HCR-F

Provides the same anti-corrosion resistance and high hardness as Magnaplate HCR and complies with FDA and USDA codes.

Achieve Superior Protection for Your Aluminum Parts

Want to maximize the corrosion resistance and hardness of your aluminum parts? Our experts are ready to assist you.

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