Proprietary Polymer Blends Protect Parts in Harsh Environments

The Lectrofluor series of polymer-based surface treatments provides ferrous, non-ferrous and mixed-metal parts with superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Coatings in this series exhibit a very low coefficient of friction (COF) and offer excellent release properties.

Many Lectrofluor blends comply with USDA and FDA codes, making them desirable for food and pharmaceutical equipment, such as mixing vats and stirrers. Other suitable applications include chemical processing equipment, pumps, pipe valves, scrubbers, dryers and conveyor lines.

Lectrofluor Technical Advantages

Lectrofluor provides superior properties compared to other common industry coatings. Its benefits include:

  • Dry lubricity for a low COF
  • Prevents abrasive wear and galling
  • Heat stability
  • Permanent self-lubricating properties for extended wear
  • Mold release properties
  • Corrosion, radiation and UV resistance

Superior Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

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Lectrofluor® Family Coatings

Lectrofluor 605

Developed to provide superior non-stick properties and withstand harsh cleaning agents. USDA and FDA compliant.

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Lectrofluor 608

Specifically designed for rubber molding applications where toughness and release are required. This USDA- and FDA-compliant variant is also desirable for cheese and food applications requiring durability and release.

Lectrofluor 609

Excellent durability and release for food, drug and manufacturing applications. This FDA-compliant coating performs at temperatures up to 400°F.

Lectrofluor 615

A pigmented USDA- and FDA-compliant polymer that offers exceptional mold release, is unaffected by UV weathering and has cryogenic stability to 550°F with a very low COF.

Lectrofluor 615L

Offers the same benefits as Lectrofluor 615, along with extra durability.

Lectrofluor 641

Excellent release for food and drug molding and manufacturing applications. Grey in color. Performs at temperatures to 500°F.

Lectrofluor CS-1331

Offers exceptional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic release and wear resistance properties with proven thermal stability up to 500°F.

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Choose the Right Lectrofluor Polymer Blend for the Job

Have metal parts that need superior surface protection in harsh environments? Our experts are ready to help you select the best polymer blend for your application.

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