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Thermal Spray Coatings

Protection and Benefits That Rival Conventional Coatings

When you need a cost-effective, versatile means of restoring parts or protecting parts against wear, corrosion and abrasion, thermal sprays offer an attractive combination of benefits and efficiency that many traditional coatings cannot match. Our thermal sprays bond to the substrate material to alter its surface properties, forming a barrier that resists a wide range of threats and delivers a lower coefficient of friction (COF). We can also make further enhancements to our proprietary thermal spray coatings, such as by adding polymers to our proprietary Plasmadize® coatings for non-stick release.

Thanks to advanced deposition technologies and robotics, you can apply thermal sprays with substantial thickness quickly and consistently over a wide surface area. This ability reduces costs and lead times. And, when it comes to restoring old parts, you can cut replacement or rebuilding costs while ensuring their continual service. Thermal sprays are compatible with almost any metal, and our capabilities include twin arc, flame spray, plasma and high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) deposition processes.


Seals surface voids to eliminate porosity

Thicknesses from 0.002 to 0.010 inch

Hardness beyond Rc scale

Resilient under bending loads

Low surface processing temperatures

Operating temperatures up to 1,300°F

Thermal Spray Processes

Flame Spray

  • Combustible gases mix with oxygen to create a flame where powder is induced and propelled to the substrate via compressed gas or air.
  • Least amount of bond strength of the processes.
  • Wire and rod spray process.


  • Utilizes a direct current arc and uses inert gases to create a plasma stream that is introduced into the powder. The molten powder is then propelled to the substrate.
  • Used for metallics and ceramics.
  • Deposition less than 10% porosity.

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)

  • Exceeds Mach 2.
  • Induces powder into a stream that propels it to the substrate.
  • Only used for metallics.
  • Best bond strength.
  • Densest deposition less than 1% porosity.

Twin Arc

  • Two conductive wires are propelled to a substrate as it becomes molten from the compressed air.
  • Fastest deposition rates.
  • Ideal for repair applications of general wear surfaces.

Ideal Surface Treatments


Plasmadize® Thermal Spray Composite Coating

Well-suited for large parts or surfaces, this true composite thermal spray coating delivers extended wear life for most base metals.

Discover the Benefits and Cost Advantages of Thermal Sprays

To provide you with the best thermal spray and deposition method for your application, our engineers can review your requirements and suggest your best options.

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