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Add Durability and Anti-corrosion Properties to Part Surfaces

We engineer several types of surface treatments that enhance the natural oxidation of aluminum and other metal surfaces such as magnesium and titanium, giving them a durable, uniform finish at the required thickness, with excellent anti-corrosion properties, improved hardness as well as wear and abrasion resistance.

Anodizing is a sophisticated process that is commonly used to transform the structure of a variety of aluminum alloys. The part is submerged in an acid electrolyte bath, and an electric current is passed through the solution. As oxygen ions are released by the electrolyte, they combine with the aluminum atoms of the part surface, yielding a strong, porous aluminum oxide finish. The porosity allows us to further engineer a part to meet specific application requirements.

We manage key anodizing variables, such as temperatures, chemistries and amperages, and apply your coating evenly every time with our automated ramping process. Our experts will help you select the best anodizing method and surface treatment to deliver the reliability and performance your application demands.


Improved hardness

Good mold release

Low COF after lubrication

Average coating thickness of 0.002 inches

High dielectric strength

Can be dyed or sealed

Excellent corrosion protection

Tufram’s 14 x 2.5 x 4.3-foot tanks exceed industry standards to handle much larger parts than competitors

MIL-A-8625, AMS-2468, AMS-2469, AMS-2471 and AMS-2472

Superior quality and process control

Ideal Surface Treatments


Tufram® Hard Anodized Coating

Tufram combines the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the desirable properties of selected Magnaplate proprietary polymers. These features allow Tufram to outperform conventional hard anodizing and similar processes when it comes to wear and corrosion resistance, friction reduction, hardness and permanent lubricity.

Magnaplate HCR®

Magnaplate HCR® Anti-Corrosion Coating for Aluminum

Combining the hardness of aluminum oxide ceramic with the sealing action of metallics and proprietary polymers, Magnaplate HCR imparts hardness up to Rc 48 and previously unattainable corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity to aluminum and aluminum alloy parts.


Canadize® Thin Ceramic for Titanium

This permanent, dry lubricated and thin ceramic coating protects titanium alloy parts against wear, abrasion, adhesion, galling and seizing. Canadize not only lowers the COF of titanium substrates but also prevents hydrogen embrittlement.


Magnadize® Anodized Coating

Magnadize offers superior oxidation prevention for magnesium alloys, protecting against wear, outgassing and thermal extremes while minimizing friction. It can also provide corrosion resistance and lubricity for both the application and alloy being used.

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