Enhanced Ultra-thin Chrome Process for Wear Protection

Dynaloy is an enhanced chrome process that protects a wide variety of base metals from wear, abrasion, galling and corrosion. It creates a thin microstructure that boosts lubricant dispersal, resulting in consistent, high-quality surfaces with no edge buildup. And, it does all this without affecting design tolerances.

Dynaloy features hardness levels to 67 Rc and above, and heat resistance from 399 to 1600°F. Uniform thickness ranges from 0.0001 to 0.0003 inch.

With Dynaloy surface treatments, there’s no need for costly secondary operations like grinding and machining. Its low processing temperatures allow parts to be coated at any point in their service life without adversely affecting their substrate properties.

Ideal applications include automation equipment, conveyors, hydraulic equipment, packaging equipment, machine tools, pumps and valves, pistons and space components

Dynaloy Technical Advantages

Dynaloy is compatible with most ferrous metals. Its features include:

  • Uniform thicknesses from 0.0001 to 0.0003 inch
  • Hardness greater than 67 Rc
  • Resists most organic and inorganic compounds
  • Operating temperatures up to 1,600°F (871°C)
  • Minimal thermal distortion
  • Surface characteristics that promote lubricant dispersion
  • Precise reproduction of substrate surface morphologies
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Put an End to Wear

Need an ultra-thin, wear-resistant coating with superior adherence? Our engineers are available to help you select the right coating for your application.

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