Repair Coatings

Get the Most Utility Out of Your Old Parts

It’s no secret that our surface treatments effectively protect new parts against damaging conditions. They’re also well-suited for maintenance and repair efforts, delivering many benefits that can make restoration a more cost-conscious and sustainable option rather than part replacement.

Our coatings can add hardness, dry lubrication and chemical and corrosion resistance to your parts so they can achieve a longer, more productive lifetime in the field. If you need to repair or restore old parts, simply ship them to our facility. We'll recoat and refurbish your parts to last longer while saving money.

When you add our surface treatments to your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) strategy, you’ll upgrade part surfaces and make better use of time and raw materials. The result: less downtime, better efficiency and more cost savings.

Give Old Parts New Life

Have parts that need repair or refurbishment? Our engineers can help you select the right coatings to make your parts run like new.

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Ideal Surface Treatments



This polymer-based coating prevents severe corrosion and chemical attack to metals in hostile environments.


  • Excellent dry lubricity for low coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Prevents abrasive wear and galling
  • Mold release properties
  • Corrosion, radiation and UV resistance


Electroless nickel coating provides superior protection against wear, friction and corrosion.


  • Helps less-durable metals achieve the longevity and performance of chrome and stainless steel
  • Eliminates stick-slip and enables easy cleanup
  • Surface hardnesses up to Rc 68
  • Chemical, acid and alkaline resistance


This thermal spray composite protects and restores metal parts.


  • Resists corrosion and wear for all metals
  • Higher lubricity and better mold release than conventional thermal sprays
  • Hardnesses beyond the Rc scale
  • Resilient under bending loads


This hard anodizing coating protects aluminum and aluminum surfaces from corrosion and friction.


  • Dramatically improves the surface hardness of aluminum
  • Surface hardness between Rc 40 and Rc 65
  • Self-lubricating and non-wetting surface characteristics
  • Corrosion, abrasion and galling resistance


Aerospace and Defense

Our coatings stand up to some of the harshest conditions military and aerospace equipment will encounter. For example, Lectrofluor is engineered for harsh environments, while Plasmadize operates at temperatures up to 1,300°F. Tufram exhibits both a low COF and no outgassing.

Aerospace and Defense
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