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Nickel Plating

Proprietary Electroless Nickel Plating Processes Improve Part Performance and Durability

Nickel plating combines high strength and uniform deposition to enhance part durability and aesthetics. Treated parts resist corrosion, galling and wear, ensuring greater performance and long life under adverse conditions. Our proprietary processes create coatings that can outperform many common nickel-based plating technologies and provide surface enhancements that are superior to chrome and stainless steel.

Choose from a variety of processes and coating constructions. For example, our Nedox® electroless nickel plating family includes a ceramic composition for applications that may not tolerate polymers and dry lubricants. Magnaplate HMF® is based on a multi-step process that creates slippery surfaces with very low friction, and Hi-T-Lube® leverages patented matrix construction for exceptional performance under severe conditions.

Applications and Industries

Nickel plating is well-proven in diverse applications and industries including guided missile system and aircraft support equipment in aerospace, robot gears and bearings for automated manufacturing, tablet presses and diagnostic equipment in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, oil and gas installations, chemical processing, food and beverage processing and paper and packaging equipment.

Our experts can review your requirements and explain the properties of our nickel plating options to help you select the best approach.


Good corrosion resistance

Excellent friction-lowering properties

Wear, abrasion and galling resistance

Good sliding and release properties

Uniform thicknesses

Hardness up to 68 Rc

Wide operating temperature ranges

Nedox’s 22 x 2.9 x 2.5-foot tanks exceed industry standards and can handle much larger parts than competitors

FDA- and USDA-compliant coatings are available

Compliance with material standards such as ASTM B-117, B-656 and B-733

REACH compliance

Ideal Surface Treatments


Nedox® Electroless Nickel

Nedox creates a harder-than steel, self-lubricating layer of protection against wear, friction and corrosion, exceeding the physical properties of many common industry coatings. Less-durable metals can achieve the longevity and performance of chrome and stainless steel.


Nedox® PF-F Nickel Composite

Nedox PF-F lowers the coefficient of friction and prevents wear in parts that can’t tolerate particulate generation. Features include hardness up to 68 Rc and high-temperature operation.

Magnaplate HMF®

Magnaplate HMF® Mirror Finish Coating Process

This coating is well-suited for ferrous metal, copper or aluminum alloy surfaces that require a mirror-smooth finish with a low coefficient of friction. Magnaplate HMF achieves a micro-finish as low as 4 Ra and hardness up to 68 Rc.


Hi-T-Lube® Solid Film Metal Alloy Lubricant

With a record-breaking low coefficient of friction (0.03), Hi-T-Lube protects against abrasion, wear and galling under high surface loads, extreme pressures and temperatures.

Is a Nickel Coating Right for Your Application?

Our engineers are ready to help you select and customize the best nickel-based surface treatment for your application.

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