Nedox PF-F®

Low friction and Wear Resistance Without Polymers

A composite ceramic, Nedox PF-F is formulated for applications where using polymers or dry lubricants isn’t possible — such as those with high temperatures or where particulate generation is undesirable. This surface treatment can operate up to 1,200°F and maintain low friction properties, making it well-suited for use with composite tooling, plastic molding equipment, semiconductor equipment, high-temperature valves and aerospace applications.

Nedox PF-F can be applied to most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Other features include corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and hardness up to 68 Rc.

Technical Advantages

Nedox PF-F provides many benefits without polymers or dry lubricants:

  • Good release properties
  • Uniform coating deposition
  • No need for secondary grinding
  • Non-shedding and non-outgassing
  • Outperforms other nickel alloys
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