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Surface Treatments: Anodizing

Tufram® Takes the Heat in Aluminum Heat-Sealing Equipment

Tufram® surface treatments help heat-sealing machines solve friction, wear and galling to deliver effective, air-tight seals and trouble-free performance.

When Protecting Magnesium Parts, Look Beyond Conventional Anodizing

Magnadize® protects magnesium from corrosion and can be formulated to protect against wear, outgassing and thermal extremes as well as to minimize friction.

How Magnaplate HCR® Solves Mold Release Challenges for Thermoformed Pharmaceutical Blister Packages

Magnaplate HCR® is becoming the "go to" coating in the thermoforming of blisters from PVC/PVDC laminates in forming, filling and sealing machines.

Tufram Proves a Sound Investment for Seismic Streamer Manufacturing

A company that manufactures seismic streamers relies on Magnaplate’s Tufram surface treatment to prevent wear and stick-slip issues.

Embroidery Machine Builder Overcomes Corrosion and Wear Issues Using Our Coating

Learn how an embroidery machine maker relies on an engineered coating from General Magnaplate to prevent corrosion and wear issues.

Preventing Component Wear Starts With Understanding Coefficient of Friction

When two objects make contact with each other, there's going to be resistance, or friction, between the surfaces. Friction causes wear and affects the performance and operating life of components, so it’s important to minimize it.

How An Early Partnership With Your Coating Supplier Provides Benefits

No matter your industry, there will be times when you need to coat a part — whether to protect it from conditions in its target application, improve its performance, extend its lifetime or simply to enhance its aesthetics.

Video - Our Engineered Coating Process

This video shows how General Magnaplate fortifies your engineered coating by infusing polymers into the substrate and applying a proprietary sealing process so it becomes an integral part of the new surface.

Inside General Magnaplate’s Culture of Continuous Improvement

When you learn that a company has earned AS9100 certification, you know it is committed to continuously improving its operations.

Take Early Action to Avoid Hydrogen Embrittlement

If your part is made from a high-strength metal or alloy and has undergone proper finishing processes, it’s easy to be confident that it will be immune to damage when used in the field.

How Engineered Coatings Prevent Equipment Failure in Aerospace Applications

Aerospace environments involve some of the toughest conditions for equipment. Threats like friction, galling, corrosion and high temperatures can cause some of the industry’s most common metals and alloys to fail.

Carrying Forward a Legacy of Excellence in Aerospace

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. General Magnaplate was part of the Apollo program's success from the beginning, both on the ground innovating surface coatings for space exploration and, later, on the moon protecting the drill tubes that sampled the moon's soil and rocks.

Completing Our Texas Expansion

General Magnaplate's Arlington, Texas, facility has expanded to keep pace with our substantial growth over the last five years.

The Benefits Of Magnesium Coatings In Aerospace Applications

Magnesium alloy surface enhancement coatings prevent wear, outgassing and more in aerospace applications.

Eliminate Design Problems With The Right Base Metal Choice

Communicating early with your coating vendor to discuss base metal choices can limit issues later in the design process—especially if your part has tight tolerances.

Canadize® Prevents Hydrogen Absorption For Titanium

Canadize surface coating lowers the coefficient of friction of titanium substrates and prevents hydrogen embrittlement.

Choose Surface Treatments Early To Avoid Future Problems

Choose the right surface treatments early to increase a part's lifespan, cut downtime and reduce overhead.

Design Tips For Coatings

Following basic tips when designing parts for coatings will prevent problems during the coating process.

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