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How An Early Partnership With Your Coating Supplier Provides Benefits

How An Early Partnership With Your Coating Supplier Provides Benefits

No matter your industry, there will be times when you need to coat a part — whether to protect it from conditions in its target application, improve its performance, extend its lifetime or simply to enhance its aesthetics. Regardless of the underlying reason, a coated part will have better quality than an uncoated one. But once you’ve determined that you need to coat your part, researching and evaluating the broad scope of available coating options can be daunting.

That’s why it pays to partner with a coating provider early in the specification process. Because there are coatings engineered to address specific performance issues for virtually any application, early collaboration will save a lot of time and headaches associated with researching coatings on your own or relying on online information that likely lacks the specificity your job requires. Here are some of the benefits a coating partner can offer as they help you solve your surface enhancement challenges:

  • Application-specific solutions. Chances are you’ll encounter coating partners who have experience with your application. Unlike hoping your internet research pays off, the right coating partner can provide you with samples or data relating to the application at hand based on previous experience or a similar application. If they cannot provide a direct solution, they can point you to suppliers who are better suited for the application.
  • An extension of your engineering department. When you provide a coating partner with pertinent application information, they can confirm whether a potential coating will be compatible with the part’s dimensional and environmental requirements. They’ll ask the proper questions that can lead you to choosing your optimal coating.
  • Time and money savings. Not only does early collaboration with a coating partner save time versus researching coatings yourself, it also saves money by solving the problem sooner and avoiding performance issues that could otherwise occur down the road.

Tips to Help Your Collaboration
Every day, General Magnaplate customers ask about a coating’s ability to eliminate an issue or even several issues. When it’s time to call a coating provider, you’ll want to bring as much information as possible to the discussion.

Be sure to include drawings of the part and its intended end product, quantities needed, the objective of the coating such as wear or corrosion protection, environmental conditions like moisture or temperature extremes and your planned budget. A good coating partner will be able to fulfill requests for test data or samples to try out in the specific environment. For example, General Magnaplate gladly provides evaluation samples along with the pertinent data for the job, or we will direct customers to the best means available to address the issue. Together with the right coating partner, you’ll achieve a successful implementation and have a resource you can trust for future success.

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