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Completing Our Texas Expansion

General Magnaplate's Arlington, Texas, facility has expanded to keep pace with our substantial growth over the last five years. We’re proud to call Arlington our new headquarters, and we moved all coating processes and services here to further streamline processes and optimize our operational performance.

A large portion of our new construction and renovation has been completed, allowing us to increase our production space and add new equipment. We also converted warehouse space to make way for masking operations as well as incoming/outgoing inspections and production staging.

With this expansion, many more General Magnaplate engineered coatings will benefit from new equipment so they’ll be delivered with exceptional and even improved lead times and quality. Here are some of the product lines that are relocating to or are getting upgrades at the expanded facility:

  • Canadize® and Magnadize® coatings are expected to complete their move to Arlington by the end of November.
  • Nedox® and Nedox PF-F™ have completed their move. These coatings received new equipment for higher-volume production, and we are able to process parts with greater lengths.
  • Plasmadize® has received entirely new equipment including the latest version of a programmable robot that applies thermal spray coatings with even more precision and speed.
  • Tufram® has received new, state-of-the-art tanks and processing technology so we can run more parts with greater speed and efficiency.

Throughout the expansion and beyond, General Magnaplate is upholding the same high quality standards that it has always maintained. The Arlington, Texas, facility is ISO 9001:2015-certified and is working toward AS 9100 certification by the end of 2019 for aerospace application as well as NADCAP accreditation, which is scheduled for 2020. To that end, all processes are held to the same standards for quality that our NADCAP-accredited New Jersey facility maintained prior to its closing. And we’ve backed up our commitment to quality with heavy investments in process automation and programmable robots, plus new test equipment, to ensure optimal and consistently uniform coating deposition.

We Look Forward to Serving You From Texas
Our plant expansion is part of our ongoing commitment to an efficient, streamlined operation. As we near our end-of-November target date for completing our plant expansion and modernization, customers can expect continued quality, performance, innovation and service. We look forward to serving you from our expanded and upgraded facility.

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