Chemical Processing

Protective coatings for chemical environments

Chemical processing environments can be tough on metallic components. They may face corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and heavy wear. Many of these components need release properties too. Magnaplate offers a variety of coatings that address all of the challenging conditions found in chemical plants.

Technical features

  • Friction reduction
  • Corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for chemical environments

Application examples

Custom Paint Colors

Custom paint colors need to increase the life of pump body parts and prevent surfaces from wear and corrosion. Magnaplate HCR can be applied to maximize corrosion resistance and hardness of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Powder Filled Glass Vials

Machinery used to fill glass vials with powder can sometimes stick, causing the powder to cascade. Tufram 641 can provide chemical resistance and prevent sticking to increase powder flow and weigh fill.

Battery Manufacturing

Companies that refine lithium and other metals into powders to be used to make batteries can experience abrasion on stainless steel tubing parts during the refining process. Any amount of contaminate material can cause a battery to short. Nedox is an excellent choice to stand up to the abrasive wear of the powders and eliminate any contamination issues.

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