Lubricated coatings for machines

Manufacturers will tell you that clean, slick surfaces are key to preventing backup and downtime. Magnaplate makes several coatings with a low coefficient of friction that are ideal for manufacturing. These coatings also prevent wear, tear and galling for maximum output.

Best Coatings

Technical features

  • Wear resistance
  • Tolerant of impact forces
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for wear resistance

Application examples

Air Cylinder Bodies

Wire stripped equipment in the electronics industry needs coating for air cylinder bodies. Tufram can be applied for a steel-hard, dry lubricated surface that reduces abrasion and corrosion and resists wear and galling.

Molten Lead Tin Soldiers

The working life of wipers in molten and tin solder baths is short and can lead to downtime and expensive wiper replacement. Magnaplate TNS™ can be applied to prevent the wetting of any metal by lead or silver solder or brazing metal. It also adds and ultra-hard surface and is chemically inert.

Robotic Systems

The metal to metal contact of the steel parts on robotic systems can generate wear and tear from the inherent friction created by their constant motion. Magnaplate HMF® can be applied to these parts to reduce wear from friction.

Nuclear Reactor Motors

Gears, bearings and slides in nuclear reactors need a lubricant to withstand 1000°F for long periods of time. Hi-T-Lube® can be permanently electrolytically bonded to the parent alloy to control dimensional tolerances and maintain a critical fit and clearance on all parts.

Gears and Bearings in Robots

Robotic vehicles used by law enforcement and rescue teams require a variety of coatings, especially for the gears and bearings that power these mission-critical robots. Hi-T-Lube can be used on these parts to provide dry lubricity and long-term wear resistance needed to keep these robots in service.

Currency Sorting

Oil, dirt and debris can cause paper money to stick to sorting plates in cash sorting equipment. Aluminum plates can also wear out quickly during this high speed operation. Tufram can impart not only the lubricity needed but also protect the plates from premature wear.

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