Medical and Pharmaceutical

USDA- and FDA-compliant coatings

Engineered coatings play a crucial role in fighting the effects of contamination, corrosion and wear. Winning that fight is particularly important in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Magnaplate makes a variety of USDA and FDA-compliant coatings to help meet these requirements.

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Technical features

  • USDA and FDA compliant
  • Chemical and wear resistance
  • High temperature
  • Tolerant of impact forces
  • Permanent lubricity
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Friction reduction
USDA and FDA compliant coatings

Application examples

Tamping Plates

The top head for rotary tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry, made from ductile iron, sometimes has release problems when the tablets are removed from the press. Magnaplate HMF® can be applied to eliminate sticking issues and provide static dissipation and a smooth mirror finish.

Guide Rods

Metal rods in medical diagnostic equipment can cause bushings to wear and squeak. These rods can be coated in Nedox to give them a harder-than-steel surface and USDA and FDA compliance.

Transfer Plates

Machinery that transfers Petri dishes from one station to another can get heavily scratched during installation. Our Tufram coating can eliminate friction and provide lubricity, resistance to abrasion and chemical and corrosion resistance.

Medical Testing Equipment

Aluminum components in medical testing equipment are constantly exposed to acidic and alkaline reagents and elevated temperature cycles up to 100°C. Our Magnaplate HCR coating can be applied to prevent corrosion and enhance the surfaces of the aluminum parts.

Gauze Manufacturing

Some types of gauze bandages are treated with a stiffener that makes the material so durable that over an eight hour shift, it can saw through uncoated stainless steel guides. Plazmadize can be applied to these applications to reduce friction and lower wear.

Condensate Pump

Standard maintenance cleaning cycles can include a chlorinated or an ammonia-based solution, which causes pitting of the stainless steel parts. A Lectrofluor coating can protect the pump from the corrosive cleaning chemicals.

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