Non-stick coatings improve efficiency

Efficient packaging machines need to run smoothly, without sticking. Magnaplate coatings can help by dramatically improving the release and wear characteristics of your moving machine components.

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Best Coatings

  • Lectrofluor®
  • Tufram®
  • Nedox®
  • Plasmadize®
  • Magnaplate TNS™

Technical features

  • Release properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Tolerates high impact forces


Application examples

Feed Rollers

Feeder rollers in the packaging industry often experience strong impact. Plasmadize, which can be applied either in thick or thin layers, provides good restoration of worn surfaces and has strong resistance to wear.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses must be packaged in a room of 98.99 percent atmospheric purity because the lenses' saline solution can cause severe corrosion. Nedox MR3 can be applied to machines for a thorough infusion of the surface polymer material and increase in hardness.

Packaging Chutes

Packaging chutes have aluminum arms that often scrape the sides and bottoms, causing friction and slow operation speeds. The sides and bottoms of these chutes can be coated in Plasmadize to eliminate wear and friction.

Strapping Machines

Steel and aluminum components on strapping machines deal with abrasive wear that affects the smooth, unhampered action of the machine. Coating the aluminum parts in Tufram and steel parts with Nedox eliminates these problems and provides permanent lubrication.

Diaper Bag Machinery

Machinery for manufacturing plastic diaper bags have chrome plated seal bars that experience  product failures from residue. Applying Magnaplate HTR can increase bag strength by 1.5 pounds and production speeds by 30 percent.

And more

Other applications include wrapping, sealing, cutting, forming, pouching, blister packing, folding, strapping, trimming, filling and conveying equipment.

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