Plastics and Rubber Tooling

Non-stick coatings for flawless mold release

Enhance the surfaces of cores and cavities to maximize the life and productivity of your plastic and rubber tooling. Magnaplate coatings offer protection from wear and excess heat while dramatically improving mold release.

Best Coatings

  • Magnaplate 10K™ Series
  • Magnaplate HTR®

Technical features

  • Wear resistance
  • Tolerant of impact forces
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for mold release

Application examples

Plastic Rakes

Abrasive wear can be a problem during molding of plastic rakes, leading to erosion of the design in the molds. Tufram can provide the hardness, wear resistance and release needed to keep production lines running smoothly.

Speaker Grills

Plastic on molded speaker grills can part from the molds, producing a dimpling effect on the finished part.  Nedox can provide a uniform surface and release from hundreds of nooks and crannies on the surface of speaker grills.

Rubber Molding

Some types of rubber contain caustic compounds, which can cause pitting of the molds. Injection of the molten rubber into the molds followed by the curing process subjects the molds to high temperatures. A Nedox coating prevents the pitting and can withstand the high temperatures.

PET Bottle Mold Components

Surfaces on PET bottle molds, which have both aluminum female and stainless steel male sections, can experience severe pitting from moisture condensation and galvanic corrosion. Tufram can be applied to the aluminum parts and Nedox to the steel components to eliminate corrosive pitting, prevent abrasive wear and provide mold release.

Silicon Molding

Silicon mold release has environmental issues with volatile organic compounds and messy spray application. An application of Nedox can give molds wear and tear resistance and properties to eliminate silicon mold release.

Safety Mask Manufacturing

Manufacturers of safety masks face problems during production when the thin, fibrous material sticks to their molds. Operations can came to a virtual halt with constant downtime for mold cleaning. Application of a Tufram coating to the mating surfaces will provide a slick release surface that eliminates the production and downtime issues.

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