Powder and Bulk Solids

Coatings for trouble-free powder handling

Magnaplate coatings keep your powder and bulk solids flowing freely. Our surface enhancements and advanced coatings can impart release properties and friction reduction in your powder handling equipment such as hoppers and feeders and other powder handling equipment.

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Best Coatings

Technical features

  • Wear and corrosion resistance
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for permanent lubricity

Application examples

Applicator Tube

Chemical processing companies sometimes experience powder sticking to parts used for filling glass vial with powder, causing the material to cascade and not function properly. Coating these parts in Tufram can dramatically increase the powder flow, as well as increased hardness levels, provide wear and corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity.


As airlocks move various bulk solids from one location to another, the rotors inside propelling the materials can experience wear and sticking. Depending on where the airlock is used, USDA and FDA compliance may also be required. A Nedox® coating helps prevent wear and sticking while also satisfying food agency codes.

Drywall Board Manufacturing

Drywall base materials—which include fiber and gypsum powder compressed together—must be blended and conveyed to the board pressesing and backing paper operations before being cut into lengths. Static, wear and material buildup is a major consideration during manufacturing. Nedox can be used to resolve these issues and keep downtime for cleanup to a minimum.

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