Valves, Pumps and Compressors

Reliable coatings for longer lifespan

Maximize the lifecycle and performance of your valves, pumps and compressors. Our coatings can reduce the most common wear mechanisms—including galling, sticking and corrosion. Magnaplate offers coatings suitable for food contact, high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

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Technical features

  • Friction reduction through permanent lubricity
  • Wear and galling reduction
  • High-temperature performance
  • Chemical resistance
  • USDA and FDA compliance
  • Non-stick, release properties
Coatings for chemical resistance

Application examples

Ball Valves

Galling can sometimes occur on steel balls used with the powdered metal seats in some valve models. Magnaplate HMF can provide the application a smooth surface and resist wear and corrosion to provide a low coefficient of friction.

Aluminum Impellers on Compressors

Gas boosters are exposed to corrosive mixtures of gases such as HCL, alcohol vapor, and coke oven emissions. In an effort to keep maintenance to a minimum, and extend the life of the parts, Tufram is used on the impellers.

Underwater Safety Valves

Underwater failsafe safety valves can experience galling when placed up to 500 feet below the ocean floor. Applying our Nedox coating to the steel ball valves can prevent galling, corrosion and seizing.

Pump Assembly

Multiple parts used in water wells can be coated with Nedox coating to protect them from water that has a high silt and gravel content. The operating lifespan of the parts can be nearly doubled once coated and save material costs by allowing the manufacturer to use cast iron instead of brass, bronze or stainless steel.

Portable Refueling Stations

Galling, seizing and galvanic corrosion are major issues for valve bodies in portable hydrogen refueling stations. The remote locations of some of these stations means they need to be maintenance-free, and able to withstand a wide variety of environments. Using a Tufram coating on these aluminum valve bodies can protect them from the galling, seizing and corrosion without requiring any maintenance.

Gas Valves

Galling and seizing can compromise valves in pressure vessels and piping systems controlling the flow of LP gas and anhydrous ammonia. Should a valve not open at the proper time, a potentially dangerous buildup of gases could occur. A Canadize anti-galling/anti-seize coating can solve the problem, and provide the added benefit of corrosion protection.

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