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New MagnaMove Program Helps Employees Step into a Healthier Future

At Magnaplate, we believe the best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle is one step at a time — literally. That's why we introduced a 90-day employee initiative, called MagnaMove, to help improve our employees' health and fitness through physical activities.

A series of group challenges, the MagnaMove program had many employees divided into six teams. Participants chose their favorite activities such as walking, biking, dog walking, gym workouts, swimming and hockey. Each month, we awarded prizes to the team with the highest average minutes of activity in that period.

"Not only did I find MagnaMove to be physically demanding, it was also therapeutic for both body and soul," said Byron from team "Bring It On." "My Great Dane also enjoyed it, and the long trail walks have become part of our routine." A fellow team member even lost 15 pounds.

In many workplaces, employees tend to over-prioritize their professional duties and under-focus on their health. That's why we designed MagnaMove to positively impact employee health through exercise, empowering people to adopt healthier lifestyles while promoting teamwork.

The program comes on the heels of other health initiatives in recent years. For example, we formed a wellness committee that meets frequently to discuss important issues and propose solutions. We've also established telemedicine, and added "Healthiest You" for mental health support and to guide our employees through their wellness journeys.

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