Oil, Gas and Energy

Well-lubricated coatings for high temperatures

Engineered parts for oil, gas and energy must withstand ultra-high temperatures and common obstacles like corrosion, galling and seizing. Using Magnaplate coatings can increase their lifespan and help them tolerate rigorous conditions.

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Technical features

  • Chemical and wear resistance
  • High temperatures
  • Non-stick, release properties
  • Friction reduction
  • Permanent lubricity
Coatings for high temperatures

Application examples

Seismic Sleeves

Devices used for measuring earth or rock movements in oil drilling can experience galling in their stainless steel parts. Nedox can be used to create a harder-than-steel surface to protect against galling and wear, and provide corrosion resistance.

Safety Valves

An underwater failsafe safety valve placed 300 to 500 feet below the ocean floor experienced galling from attempted rotation after metal to metal pressure exceeded 30,000PSI. Nedox was used to coat the steel ball valves and solve the problem.

Pressure Regulator Screws

Pressure regulators and valves used in the oil and gas industries can break down at a cycle level when using a PTFE lubricant. Nedox CR+ increases wear life and provide strong lubricity.

Gas Well Separators

Sour gas and high chloride that stream through gas well separators can sometimes eat through the tubes, causing holes. Leaking can be prevented by coating the tubes with Nedox CR+, which provides maximum wear resistance.

Pump Components

Produced water can be destructive to pump packages and turn-key facilities for leeching systems, salt water disposal systems, water flood systems and main line systems. Nedox CR+ provides good corrosion and abrasion resistance to protect these components from oil, grease, salt content and other natural inorganic compounds.

Mud Pumps

Mud pumps sometimes experience wear issues on their steel internal cavities. They can also be subjected to corrosion from the mud and fluids that flow through the cavities. Nedox, developed to protect most metals, can be applied to these pumps to prevent early wear and corrosion.

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