At General Magnaplate, superior customer service is always a top priority. As part of that commitment, we recently identified and analyzed areas where we could improve. Here are the operations we identified, as well as the improvements we're implementing to bolster your customer satisfaction:

Expedited Order Processing

We have modified our expedite options to include three, six and nine business days with a surcharge of 100, 50 and 25 percent, respectively. Our standard lead time is 15 business days, and you can get pre-approved on a best-effort basis to take advantage of one of our expedite options.

Seamless Customer Service

“Our Customer Service Department is the voice and glue at General Magnaplate,” says Megan Taylor, Customer Service Manager. “We aim to provide an exceptional customer service experience through transparent and on-time communication.” To that end, the department is modifying procedures with the goal of facilitating and simplifying customer communications to make sales, quoting and customer service seamless.

We have rolled out a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which gives our associates better access to detailed information about processes and orders. Using this information, our associates can speed up lead times and offer you real-time status updates on parts.

Delivering Parts Safely

Based on data from our Customer Service and Incoming QC departments, 12 percent of orders that we received in January 2021 had damage upon receipt at General Magnaplate. When we receive damaged parts, coating quality can suffer and customers must sign our Best Effort Form, which can delay order processing. To make sure your parts are delivered back to you in tip-top shape, we now offer a new service. For a reasonable surcharge, our shipping department can build custom cartons or crates to accommodate your parts so they arrive at General Magnaplate and are returned back in the condition you expect.

“Shipping is the first and last step of production,” says Luis Diaz, Shipping Manager. “Custom cartons and crates are yet another example of how we strive to ensure parts arrive to us undamaged, and are safely and securely shipped back to our customers.”

These enhancements are further examples of our unceasing effort to ensure you receive quality parts faster and safer and are informed every step of the way. Our culture of continuous improvement will lead to greater successes for our customers and for General Magnaplate.

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