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Delivering the Right Coating and Service for a Precision Machine Shop

Delivering the Right Coating and Service for a Precision Machine Shop

When your machine shop creates precise metal parts for demanding industries, failure is not an option. Your vendors must be responsive to your needs as well as those of your customers. Although customer success often depends on the quality of your part, not all coating vendors provide the same level of service.

JC Precision machines complex metal components for both commercial and military applications as well as for the medical and fuel industries. When it’s time for JC Precision to obtain quotes for a project, other coating vendors are often slow to respond. General Magnaplate stands out both for our excellent customer service and attention to detail.

“General Magnaplate is very good at reading the prints, understanding what is needed and confirming the specifications with the customer,” said Amy August, Senior Administrator at JC Precision. “They quote very quickly, and they’re cost-effective.”

Here’s how we delivered the right engineered coating for a recent job:

An industrial customer approached JC Precision to produce fuel pump cavities. Because the pump will be deployed in a wet environment, they specified a coating that can protect aluminum against corrosion. Proper thickness is an important criterion for a coating used in a wet environment, so the job specified a 0.0018/0.0022-inch thick inner diameter. It instructed the parts to be “racked and stacked” with like faces against each other in order to prevent marks on the inner diameter during shipping.

Tufram® Engineered Coating Protects Aluminum Surfaces Against Corrosion

Impressed with the questions posed by our technical sales representative, who also took the time to understand and follow up on the specifications, JC Precision implemented our Tufram® L-4, an enhanced coating for aluminum surfaces that offers corrosion-resistant properties and outperforms hard anodized processes. In fact, when tested on high-strength aluminum, Tufram exceeded the AMS 2482 requirement of 336 hours, while submersion tests in strong acids at 248˚F showed no effects after more than 170 hours. Tufram L-4 is also engineered to minimize stick-and-slip behavior and the resulting vibrations in sliding motion applications.

In addition to its exceptional corrosion resistance, Tufram features:

  • A low coefficient of friction (COF) to protect against abrasive wear and galling.
  • Surface hardness between Rc 40 and Rc 65.
  • A thickness range of 0.0004 to 0.003 inches.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity.

JC Precision’s customer is pleased with the coated fuel pump cavity. Not only did the Tufram L-4 hold the required thickness, but its application did not damage the inner diameter. In addition, the part met its required military certifications. The customer — one of JC Precision’s largest — has asked to use Tufram L-4 for future part orders.

Choose a Coating Provider That Is Invested in Your Needs

When critical parts leave no room for error, be sure to select a coating provider that is invested in your needs and pays thorough attention to customer specifications. At General Magnaplate, we strive to provide exceptional quality and customer service and have earned JC Precision’s trust when it needs surface protection for difficult projects.

For more information about the Tufram family of surface enhancement coatings, visit our product page.

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