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Engineered Coating Protects Pulleys In Sticky Labeling Machine

Engineered Coating Protects Pulleys In Sticky Labeling Machine

Labeling machines must operate around the clock at very high speeds. But if adhesive residue clings to any of the machine components, the entire production process will grind to a halt until the parts are cleaned. Recently a CNC machining company designed a line of pulleys that operates in a glue-based labeling machine. “We needed a way to prevent the glue from adhering to them,” said the quality control manager. “Avoiding sticking would enable the labeling machine to operate indefinitely.”

Here’s how the MAGNAPLATE TNS™— a series of engineered coatings that provide exceptional release in various adhesive applications — overcame this sticky challenge:

Preventing Buildup And Sticking Using MAGNAPLATE TNS

After consulting with our technical sales team, the company decided to coat the pulleys with MAGNAPLATE TNS™ — a non-stick coating specifically engineered to overcome adhesive industry problems common to formulating, label printing, tape manufacturing and converting materials. It prevents residue buildup and pressure-sensitive tapes from adhering to rollers and other machine parts, which in turn minimizes cleaning delays and improves production uptime. MAGNAPLATE TNS also offers a host of other features and benefits that make them desirable versus other high traction release coatings.

  • Eliminates sprays or other release agents.
  • Customizable for smooth or rough surfaces.
  • Resistance to scratching, chipping, flaking and rubbing off.
  • Prevents residue buildup.
  • Increased production speeds.

The TNS series of surface enhancement coatings extends the non-stick capabilities of existing Magnaplate coatings, such as PLASMADIZE®. In this instance, the design team opted for PLASMADIZE 1401-04 with effective releasing properties when applied to metal parts that come into contact with adhesives. The TNS series also provides greater resistance to wear and corrosion, thereby improving the performance of the coated parts.

Thousands of Pulleys Unbound

The company has shipped thousands of the pulleys over many years. “We have yet to encounter a single problem from our customers,” said the quality control manager. “We couldn’t be happier with the high-quality, reliable performance of this coating. Thank you to everyone at General Magnaplate for a job well done.”

For more information about the Magnaplate TNS non-stick coating and the FDA-compliant TNSF non-stick coating, visit our surface treatments page.

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